Naamkaran 2nd January 2018 written episode, written update

Jan 02, 2018

Naamkaran 2nd January 2018 written episode, written update, starring Zain Imam and Aditi Rathore, Naamkaran 3rd January 2018 Precap

The jailer enters the room along with the inmates and they see that Avni is handcuffed to the room. Sunehri says that Neil must have handcuffed her and teases her. Tara and Sitara also tease her.  Jailer takes Avni to the library and tells her to look for meditation book. Monica is there too and Avni taunts her for finding love. Monica tells Avni that she is jealous of her but she likes her hatred for love. Monica tells Avni that she too hates love. Monica instigates Avni against Neil saying that he put her in jail and she should not make mistake of returning to him. Avni returns to the cabin and finds the other half of the blue print copy missing. A constable sees Avni near the printer and Avni gates tensed. Avni says she can repair the printer. Avni gets half of the paper and thinks she will make do with it. Avni goes to the secret way again but reaches a dead end. Avni returns to the cabin and thinks that she will have to break the wall to get to the other side. Avni thinks of getting a drilling machine but is worried Neil will catch her. Neil comes there. Avni worries he has seen the blue print. Neil removes the bug from Avni’s blouse and shows it to her. Avni gets tensed. Avni sees red mud on Neil’s shoes and thinks about Vidyut’s words. Avni wonders if Neil is Neo. Avni returns to the library saying she wants to look for something. Avni starts searching for newspapers of last six months. Avni sees that Neo’s name has started coming in the papers after she went to jail. Monica too comes in the library and thinks to make the call. Avni recalls that Neil was not in the jail when Neo attacked Neil. Avni thinks that all clues prove that Neil is Neo. Monica calls Vidyut secretly and tells him that Neil was missing from jail at night 10 pm. Monica tells Vidyut that his doubt may be right and Neil must be Neo. Avni hears everything. Avni confronts Monica.

Naamkaran 2nd January 2018 written episode update, 

Monica thinks that Avni must not have heard anything. Avni thinks why Neil is becoming Neo. Avni thinks that Neil must be trying to help her by becoming Neo and breaking the law. Avni wonders why Neil is not telling her anything. Neil informs Neela that Vidyut must be doing some illegal work in Mexico and so he will have to go to Mexico. Neela says that she will go to Mexico so Neil agrees. Neil suddenly sees that Avni is there in his cabin. Avni says she wants to complete her work and cleans the room. Avni starts joking with Neil and asks him why he is looking so tensed. Avni asks Neil to tell him whatever he is hiding. Avni tells Neil to tell him what he is upto and why he goes missing at night. Avni tells Neil that she may be able to help him. Neil asks Avni why she is trying to know about his whereabouts. Avni tells Neil that she thinks that he is doing something illegal and he has a secret mission. Neil tells her not to read spy novels in library. Avni tells Neil to tell her the truth. Neil and Avni share romantic eye lock. Neil tells Avni that he is not a criminal like her and he will never break the law. Avni gets angry and goes away. Neil thinks that he will apologize to Avni later for breaking her heart and hurting her. Avni meditates in her cell and thinks that why Neil has turned into a criminal. Avni wonders whether Neil was always two faced. Avni sees the blue print and thinks that she has to concentrate on running away. Avni wonders how she will break the concrete wall. Avni thinks that her war will end when Vidyut will be destroyed. Precap: Vidyut tells Monica that if she wants parole then Avni cannot escape jail. Sunehri thinks to inform jailer that Avni is planning to run away. Monica thinks that Sunehri will do half her work. Neil confronts all inmates and tells them that someone has tried to steal jail blue print. Neil looks at Avni. Avni thinks her game is over.

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