Naamkaran 30 November 2017 written episode, written update

Nov 29, 2017

Naamkaran 30 November 2017 written episode written update starring Zain Imam and Aditi Rathore, Naamkaran 1st December Precap

Avni cries thinking about past incidents. Avni remembers Juhi calling her illegitimate. Neil comes in the room and Avni hides her tears. Avni breaks down and hugs Neil.  Neil takes Avni on the bed and caresses her. Avni moves away. Avni says she loves him a lot. Neil understands what Avni wants to say and says he cannot do this. Avni says they cannot ruin a little girl’s life because of their love. Avni asks Neil whether he wants his daughter to go through torture and hear taunts. Avni says that her mother always tried to hide truth from her.  Avni says that she has faced hatred and taunts as a child.  Avni takes out an old newspaper and says that she saw the news that she is a sin child. Avni says that she saw the news about her father marrying someone else and she tried to hide this news from her mother. Avni says she saw pain in her mother’s eyes that day. Avni asks Neil whether he wants Mishti to go through the same pain. Avni says that she did not have a normal family. Mishti may want a normal family and may want both her parents. Avni says that they will have to separate for this to happen.  Neil refuses for this. Avni says Mishti will get a childhood like her. Neil tells Avni that she has turned out to be strong. Avni says that she had Neela to make her strong. Neil tells Avni that she will be Mishti’s Neela. Avni says that Juhi has become very weak and she needs his love. Neil says that he does not love Juhi. Neil says that Mishti will be hurt if she will know that her father loves someone else. Neil tells Avni that he is nothing without her. Neil and Avni cry together. Vidyut lays out food for Guruma. Doorbell rings and Vidyut thinks it is Guruma but it is Neela.  Neela asks whether he is celebrating after making Avni remember her childhood pain. Neela sees Avni’s childhood pictures on the walls. Neela tells Vidyut that Avni will never lose. Neela asks Vidyut to step back as he will never win against Avni. Neela says that she has made Avni strong and she will never break because of her upbringing. Neela taunts Guruma’s upbringing. Vidyut gets furious and is determined to defeat Avni.  Bebe confronts Shweta and Prakash in the middle of the night. Bebe worries about Mishti’s future.  Bebe says that Mishti learnt the word illegitimate and threw stone at her own mother. Shweta asks Bebe whether she wants Neil and Juhi to get married. Bebe says that she is thinking about it. Shweta says that she is not thinking this way and she will never allow them to get married. Bebe says this marriage will have to take place. Bebe says either the marriage will happen or else Mishti will have to leave the house. Guruma sees that Vidyut has turned the lights off and is upset. Vidyut complains to Guruma that Neela warned her that Avni will defeat him. Guruma says that no one can defeat them. Guruma makes Vidyut recall how he had killed his father.  Guruma says she stayed in jail all these years to save him from going to jail. Guruma says that she knows a weakness of Avni. Guruma says she will use another pawn of Khanna family. Next morning, Guruma meets Bebe in the park.  Bebe tells Guruma that she wants to seek forgiveness from God for all the crimes that they are making her do. Flashback shows that Vidyut tells Bebe that she must have found out that he is Mishti’s father. Vidyut shows video clip of Maddy and Kareena being captivated by him.  Vidyut asks Bebe to follow his orders if she wants her daughter and granddaughter to be safe. Vidyut gives the fake DNA reports to Bebe which shows Neil as Mishti’s father. Flashback ends. Bebe tells Guruma that Neil will never agree to married Juhi as he loves Avni a lot. Guruma warns Bebe that Neil will have to marry Juhi.  Bebe cries.

Precap:  Neela tells Avni that Mishti is turning out to be just like her.  Neela tells Avni that everything that is happening has been planned by Vidyut. Shweta says that Juhi is helping Vidyut. Neela ask Avni to start thinking like Ananya. Neil tells Prakash that he cannot let Avni turn into Ananya again. 

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