Naamkaran 30th January 2018 Written Update Written Episode

Jan 30, 2018

Naamkaran 30th January 2018 Written Update Written Episode and Naamkaran 31st January 2018 Precap

Avni enters the house as a new bride. Avni puts her hand prints on the wall. Neil tells Avni that whatever he did 6 months back was for a reason. Neil apologizes for all the pain he gave her. Neil promises Avni that he will keep her away from all troubles in the future. Neil asks Avni to accept him back. Shweta intervenes and tells Neil that Avni will not forgive him so easily. Shweta tells Neil that he will have to prove his worth to Avni. Bebe, Prakash and Neela defend Neil. Avni also asks Shweta not to test Neil. However, Shweta insists Neil to give a test. Shweta gets a chart and tells Neil that he will have to serve Avni the whole day and she will give him points.

Neil gets difficult tasks to win back Avni

Shweta explains 5 tasks for Neil. Shweta says that the first task is to surprise Avni. Second task is to make Avni blush. Third task is to make Avni laugh three times. Fourth task is to make Avni sentimental. Shweta says that last task is to give Avni a gift. Shweta forbids Neil from touching Avni till he finishes the tasks. Shweta tells Avni that she will stay with Avni and Neil will have to stay with Prakash till the tasks are complete. Shweta instructs Avni not to melt in front of Neil. DD comes there and tells Neil that everything is under control and he does not have to come to the police station. DD teases Neil that he has to do a bigger task to get back Avni. Shweta chooses Ali and Mishti to help her with her tasks.  Avni enters her room and gets emotional seeing her and Neil’s pictures. Avni opens Neil’s cupboard and gets emotional seeing the things. Avni cries. Neela comes there and asks Avni not to cry. Avni says that Neil used to sleep on the floor in her absence. Avni finds Neo mask and tells Neela that Neil broke the law for her sake. Avni is angry as Neil never told her anything. Avni says that Neil did not trust her. Neela says that she forbid Neil from telling her. Neela asks apology from Avni but Avni says that she is everything today because of her. Neela shows Mishti’s family drawing to Avni and says it is her gift. Neela tells Avni that her dream is fulfilled. Neela says that she overcame her fears and achieved her dreams. Neela and Avni hug each other. Neil cooks in the kitchen and makes a disaster. Prakash tries to help Neil. Shweta comes there and scolds Prakash for helping Neil. Prakash leaves with Shweta and Neil cries thinking how he will complete the task. Bebe comes there and helps Neil. Later, Neil serves food to Avni and Avni says that the food is very tasty just like Bebe’s cooking. Neil apologizes for cheating. Neil completes first task. Neil says that for the second task he will give her five compliments. Neil tries to compliment Avni but goofs up. Neil tells Avni that she has beautiful eyes but a lot of anger in them. Neil falls on his knees and tells Avni that she faced so many problems so far but always smiled. Neil tells Avni that he loves the strong women in her. Avni says thank you. Precap:  Vidyut makes constables unconscious. DD sees that Vidyut has put pillows in his place and escaped. Vidyut hits DD with a rod. Vidyut says that he will catch Neil and destroy him for taking away Avni from him.

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