Naamkaran 3rd January 2018 written episode, written update

Jan 03, 2018

Naamkaran 3rd January 2018 written episode, written update, starring Zain Imam and Aditi Rathore, Naamkaran 4th January 2018 Precap

Neela comes to meet Avni in prison and tells her that she is going to London to meet a relative. Avni wonders how she will break the concrete. Neela asks Avni if she is worried. Neela assures Avni that she will get out of prison soon and Goddess will help her. Neela asks Avni to promise her that she will not take any unlawful step. Neela says bye to Avni and leaves. Neela prays to get evidence against Vidyut so she can get Avni out of jail. Some girls try to run away from Vidyut’s godown. Vidyut looks on. Avni thinks what will help her to break concrete. Tara and Sitara enter Avni’s cell and open the food box given by Neela. They find a letter and are about to open it but Monica stops them. Monica sends them away and finds a piece of paper. Monica opens the paper and sees that it is the blue print of the jail. Monica understands that Avni wants to run away. Avni comes to know that Ali is unwell and therefore cannot come to jail. Avni thinks to work without Ali and collect things for the blast. Monica informs Vidyut about Avni planning to run away. Vidyut tells Monica that Avni cannot run away at any cost. Vidyut thinks that he will get Avni out of jail after he becomes Minister and then she will be under his obligation. Vidyut tells Monica that he will not give her parole till she stops Avni from running away. Sunehri hears Monica’s conversation but does not see her face. Sunehri sees Avni there and thinks that Avni is trying to run away. Sunehri thinks that Avni cannot run away as the jail inmates are under control because of her. Sunehri thinks to tell the jailer about Avni’s plan. Monica is happy and thinks that Sunehri will do half of her work. Jailer asks inmates to decorate the jail as a big politician is coming. Avni thinks that the celebrations will be a good chance for her to run away. Neil addresses the inmates and says that Sunehri has informed him about the blue print of the jail being stolen. Neil asks the culprit to come forward and accept the crime. Neil asks Jailer to check everyone and their cell. Avni is distressed. Guards check everyone. Guard finds blue print in Sunehri’s pocket. Avni thinks how the blue print reached Sunehri’s pocket from hers. Sunehri pleads innocence.  Monica says that someone must be trying to trap Sunehri. Sunehri thinks that Avni betrayed her. Flashback shows that Monica planted the blueprint in Sunehri’s pocket. Neil tells Sunehri that she will be kept in solitary confinement for two days and her parole will be cancelled if she is found guilty.  Neil says that he is revoking all facilities for inmates. Neil says that all inmates are barred from entering any police cabin. Sunehri is taken for punishment. Avni thinks what she will do as she does not have the blue print. Avni thinks she has to save Sunehri. Jailer tells Avni that Neil is calling her and wants help in Sunehri’s case. Avni is brought in Neil’s room and he says that he has to talk to her alone. Neil says he will interrogate Sunehri later. Tara and Sitara comfort Sunehri. Sunehri says that she thought of Avni as her friend but she trapped her. Tara says that it must be Monica who is trying to trap her. Sunehri is sure that Avni is the culprit.  Monica hears her and thinks that Vidyut will get her out.

Neil and Avni's confrontation

Neil tells Avni that Sunehri is trapped because of her. Avni says that she is innocent. Avni says that she did not kill Juhi. Avni tells Neil that he had promised to protect her but he dint. Neil says that he knows she is trying to run away from jail but someone else is trapped because of her. Avni says that she will find out who has created the trouble for Sunehri. Neil says that he will handle Sunehri’s problem. Avni says that he has failed to fulfill his responsibilities. Avni says that he did not trust her and sent her to jail. Avni tells Neil that he always thought of her as a criminal. Neil shows Avni one half of the blue print and tells her that she was looking for it. Neil burns the paper and says that he has his eyes all over the jail. Neil makes it clear to Avni that she cannot run away from jail.

Precap: Neil asks Vidyut what he will do if Neo comes in front of him. Vidyut asks Neil whether he will catch Neo tonight. Neil enters Vidyut’s godown as Neo and premises to destroy Vidyut. Avni draws the blue print on her cell floor and thinks that she will face Vidyut outside jail.

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