Naamkaran 4th December 2017 written episode, written update

Dec 03, 2017

Naamkaran 4th December 2017 written episode written update starring Zain Imam and Aditi Rathore, Naamkaran 5th December Precap

Neela tells Avni that she will have to become Ananya. Avni says she has no proof against Juhi. Shweta says that they have a proof of Mishti’s blood group which does not match any of them. Avni says that everything depends on DNA report. Shweta says that DNA report must have got changed. Shweta says that nothing has happened between Neil and Juhi. Prakash tells Neil that everything is happening again what Dayawanti did to Avni. Prakash tells Neil that Juhi still loves him and Avni will be hurt if she keep coming near him. Neil says that he and Avni will go far away from Juhi and Mishti. Juhi and Mishti hear this. Neil says that he cannot see Avni becoming Ananya Verma again. Juhi thinks only Avni will go away from them. Neela says that Juhi has become selfish and therefore she is doing all this. Avni says that firstly they will have to expose Vidyut. A group of policemen come there along with a lady police. The lady police says that she has to arrest Avni as she has threatened to kill. Lady police tells Neil that Juhi has complaint against Avni saying that Avni is trying to kill her. The police leaves and Neil questions Juhi about herd decision. Juhi says that she has to think about herself. Neil scolds Juhi. Juhi says that Avni tried to kill her in front of him. Avni says that Juhi is right and she is away from her daughter because of her. Avni says that she cannot bear this anymore. Avni says that Mishti has become away from her mother because of her. Neela understands that Avni is turning into Ananya. Avni tells Bebe that she is right and Juhi and Neil should get married. Avni holds Neil’s hand and thanks him for giving him such a good family but his family is breaking because of her. Avni says she will have to leave for the sake of his family. Avni says she will leave tonight itself. Shweta starts panicking. Juhi says that she did not want all this to happen. Neil says this marriage will never happen. Neil says that he will make Avni understand. Neil also tells Bebe that she is wrong. Neil goes to the room and scolds her for being stubborn. Neil tells Avni that he will not marry Juhi as she is his wife. Avni asks Neil to be quite and listen to her. Avni gets the first aid box and tends to Neil’s wound on his knuckles. Avni tells Neil that she is not going anywhere. Avni says that first they defeated Vidyut and now Vidyut is defeating them. Avni says that someone is teaching wrong things to Mishti and is trying to repeat her childhood incidents. Avni says that Vidyut and Guruma is responsible for all this. Avni says that Vidyut will think that he is winning if they separate. Neil understands everything and hugs Avni in happiness. Neil says that they will tell their family about the reality. Avni refuses for this and says that Juhi may come to know about their plan. Avni says she will leave tonight. Neil says that she has become Ananya but he wants his Avni. Avni says that she is still his Avni by heart. Avni and Neil share romantic moments. Neil and Avni hug each other. Avni prepares to leave and she and Neil share emotional moments. Neil is about to kiss Avni but he stops. Avni leaves. Bebe goes to the kitchen and takes out a can of kerosene and pours it on herself. As Avni steps out, Neil tells her that they are separating for the last time and from now on they will always be together. Avni wipes her tears and leaves. Bebe tries to burn herself. Shweta sees Bebe and she calls all family members. Neil, Prakash and Shweta try to open the door and finally break open the door just before Bebe can burn herself. Neil tells Bebe that he is ready to marry Juhi. Shweta scolds Neil for his decision. Shweta ask him to think about Avni. Neil says that Avni has left.

Precap: Neil asks Bebe to give him a clue. Bebe says that they will keep jalebis and chicken tikka in the wedding. Shweta says that they are Maddy and Kareena’s favorite dishes so she should call them for the wedding. Bebe says she cannot call them. Neil thinks that Maddy and Kareena are in trouble.

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