Naamkaran 5th December 2017 written episode, written update

Dec 04, 2017

Naamkaran 5th December 2017 written episode written update starring Zain Imam and Aditi Rathore, Naamkaran 6th December Precap

Neil says that Avni has left their house. Shweta starts panicking and cries. Bebe also cries.  Neil asks her to share her problems with him. Neil asks Bebe not to be scared. Bebe says that she is not scared but has become weak. Bebe faints and Prakash takes her away. Neil thinks that Bebe is not weak and she is hiding something and wants to give him a message. Neil thinks that Bebe is trying to tell her something and cannot tell him openly as someone is keeping an eye on them. Neil thinks how to contact Avni as her phone must be off. Ali comes on a motor bike and puts something in Neil’s pocket. Neil does video call with Avni and tells her everything. Avni asks how will they know who is tracking them. Avni says that she will try to find clues. Guruma tells Vidyut that they have succeeded as Avni has left the hosue. Guruma says that Neil will marry Juhi. Vidyut says that Juhi thinks that she has won. Guruma says that Juhi played a game with him as she did drama of being in love with him but ran away from Rang mahal for Neil. Guruma says that Juhi will be the biggest loser in this game. Vidyut says that Juhi will have to pay the price and Neil and Avni too will suffer. Ali and Avni come to Vidyut’s house and they search for clues. Vidyut tells Guruma that after Neil and Juhi marry, he will tell Neil that Mishti is his daughter. Ali and Avni are unable to get any clues.  Ali says they have to leave before Vidyut comes. Avni prays to Goddess to show her a way. Avni and Ali hear Guruma coming. Vidyut and Guruma enter the house and Ali and Avni hide. Vidyut gives sweets and tamarind to Guruma. Avni is stuck inside cupboard. Guruma asks Vidyut whether the two captives are kept properly. Vidyut assures that they are kept in a secret place. Vidyut says that he is scared of Avni as she lost to Juhi so easily. Vidyut thinks that Avni must be doing some planning. Avni is hearing everything. Guruma asks Vidyut to call Neil’s hosue to know what is happening there. Vidyut says he does not want to talk to that woman. Avni thinks who is the person in Neil’s house who is giving information to Vidyut and Guruma. Neil confronts Bebe and asks to tell the truth. Some catering people come. Bebe gives some signal to Neil and Neil understands that one of the men is an informer. Balu is in disguise of caterer. Bebe thinks he cannot openly ask Bebe anything as someone is keeping an eye on them. Shweta asks Prakash to stop Bebe. Neil asks Bebe to give a clue about what she wants in the menu. Shweta says that the wedding will not happen. Bebe says that wedding will happen and they will order for jalebi and chicken tikka. Shweta says that these two items are Maddy and Kareena’s favorite. Shweta asks Bebe to call them for the wedding. Bebe says she cannot call them. Neil understands that Maddy and Kareena are in trouble. Vidyut tries to call Juhi but she does not pick the call. Guruma asks him not to call again. Guruma says that Bebe is under their control till Maddy and Kareena are with them. Avni is shocked to hear this. Watchman comes and tells Vidyut that someone has broken all the glasses of his car. Vidyut and Guruma leave. Ali and Avni get out of hiding and escape. Neil gets Avni’s call. Neil pretends to talk to DD. Avni informs that Vidyut has kidnapped Maddy and Kareena. Vidyut and Guruma see that the car is not broken. Vidyut thinks they have been tricked. Guruma gets a call and gets shocked. Avni and Neil meet in Ali’s café along with Ali and DD. Avni tells Neil that she wants to come along with him. Neil asks Avni to trust him. Avni gives an idea to Neil to hunt down Maddy and Kareena. Guruma tells Vidyut that Balu has informed that Neil has got a clue and is going towards the place where Maddy and Kareena are captivated.

Precap: Guruma opens the water tank and Maddy and Kareena are inside. Guruma asks Balu to kill them as she does not need them or Bebe anymore. Neil comes there and catches Guruma red handed.

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