Naamkaran 7th December 2017 written episode, written update

Dec 06, 2017

Naamkaran 7th December 2017 written episode written update starring Zain Imam and Aditi Rathore, Naamkaran 8th December Precap

Avni starts searching in bathroom for clues.  Avni sees that the drain has been blocked. Avni sees the live wire broken. Avni sees the Ganpati locket belonging to Juhi in the bathroom. Avni is near Bebe and coaxes her to get well soon. Juhi comes there and tells Avni that Bebe wanted Neil to marry her. Juhi tells Avni that she wants to remove her from Neil’s life. Avni asks Juhi why she wants to marry Neil as he does not love her. Juhi says that she too married Neil by tricking him. Juhi asks Avni to go away from Neil’s life and Neil will not call her back as she is his first love. Juhi calls Avni illegitimate. Juhi says that Mishti will not be like her. Juhi says that her passport and Visa is ready. Juhi tells Avni that she has 24 hours to make her marry Neil or else Neil will lose Mishti forever. Avni notices Juhi’s Ganpati locket missing. Avni thinks that Juhi betrayed them and she is responsible for Bebe’s condition. Avni thinks she will not spare Juhi. Avni tells Shweta and Neela that Bebe wanted to tell them something but she went into coma before that. Avni says that Juhi is responsible for this. Avni also reveal about Juhi’s blackmail. Ali says Juhi will not be spared till he is there. Avni says that Juhi can do anything to get Neil. Ali asks Avni to tell the truth to Neil. Avni says that she will do the investigation to prove the truth to Neil. Avni    says she will prove that Neil is not Mishti’s father. Avni says that she will get Neil’s hair sample and Shweta says that she will get Mishti’s hair sample. Avni says that she will prove Juhi’s truth in 24 hours. Vidyut scolds Juhi for warning Avni without his permission. Juhi says that she has made Bebe go into coma so she can do anything. Vidyut scolds Juhi and Juhi tells him that he cannot harm her in any way as she is his biggest pawn. Vidyut says that Avni has to die. Neil arrives at Ali’s café and Avni has decorated the place for Neil’s birthday. Avni tells Neil that he is upset because of Bebe but Bebe would want him to be happy on his birthday. Neil tells Avni that he too has a surprise for her. Neil asks Avni to close her eyes. Neil asks Avni if she trusts him. Neil stares at Avni romantically. Neil asks Avni to open her eyes. Avni gets shocked to see lie detector machine and her fingers attached to it. Avni asks what is all this. Neil tells Avni that this machine hates lies. Neil asks Avni to answer his questions. Avni refuses and Neil asks her if she is hiding something. Neil asks if she wants to celebrate his birthday. Avni says yes and machine shows true. Neil asks Avni whether she has come here only for his birthday. Avni says yes and machine shows lie as she has come to take his hair sample. Avni gets angry and says she will not give any more answers. Neil stares at Avni angrily. Neil asks Avni why she was unhappy when he got her home. Avni says because she was saved of Vidyut. Machine shows lie. Neil asks if she is hiding something, if she is protecting someone, if she is hiding something because of Mishti.. all shows lie. Neil tells Avni that she is weak and has no place for love in her life. Avni says that she is just saving him from Juhi. Machine shows true.

Precap: Neil agrees to marry Juhi. Neil tells Avni to keep Vidyut distracted when he is marrying Juhi. Vidyut tells Balu that he will use Mishti to trap Avni

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