Naamkaran 8th December 2017 written episode, written update

Dec 07, 2017

Naamkaran 8th December 2017 written episode written update starring Zain Imam and Aditi Rathore, Naamkaran 9th December Precap

Avni tells Neil that Juhi has blackmailed her that she will take away Mishti with her if she does not get her and Neil married. Avni reveals that Juhi is behind Bebe’s accident. Neil is shocked. Avni says that she did not have any proof. Neil says that he does not remember anything about the night which he spent with Juhi. Neil says that Juhi has betrayed him. Neil says he put his relationship in danger because of her. Neil says that Mishti is Vidyut’s daughter and not his. Avni says that Guruma and Vidyut are causing all the problems. Neil says that he was blinded and could not see the truth. Avni says that Juhi will never admit the truth. Neil says that Juhi will admit the truth if she makes her believe that the wedding will happen. Avni tells Neil not to marry her in reality and Neil says never. Avni hugs Neil. Balu tells Vidyut that Juhi told him that she has threatened Avni. Vidyut gets angry and scolds Balu. Vidyut puts apple on Balu’s head and tries to aim his gun.  Vidyut shoots the apple and Balu is scared. Vidyut says that he will trap Avni and he needs Mishti for this. Vidyut says that he will see who will win. Vidyut decides to call Juhi. Juhi sees herself in the mirror and gets happy as she is marrying Neil.  Juhi says that Avni is such a fool as she is sacrificing Neil for Mishti’s sake. Juhi puts haldi on herself. Neil comes there. Juhi gets nervous and says that she thought to do the haldi function. Neil tells her that the wedding will definitely happen. Shweta comes there and gets shocked hearing Neil. Prakash scolds Neil for agreeing to marry Juhi. Juhi says he is doing this for Mishti. Juhi says that Mishti needs a normal and stable family. Neil says that Juhi is right and they will have a simple wedding. Neil says that Avni has left and gone to her mother’s house. Neil signals Shweta and Prakash and they agree for the wedding. Shweta asks Juhi to tough her feet. Neil asks Shweta to put mehendi on Juhi’s hand next morning. Shweta gets happy and Neil quietly tells Shweta not to do overacting. Later, Neil asks Avni to keep Vidyut busy while the wedding takes place. Neil asks Avni to keep Ali with her and not to be alone. Avni says that she can run away with Mishti. Neil asks Avni not to do unlawful things and think about him. Avni promises she will never break the law. Avni wishes happy birthday to Neil. Avni apologizes for not being able to get gift for him. Neil romances with Avni. Neil asks Avni to guess what he is writing on her back. Avni guesses I Love You. Neil and Avni romance each other. Next morning, someone rings Vidyut’s doorbell and when he opens the door he sees a gunny bag. Ali and Avni hide and look at him. Vidyut hears Guruma’s Dugga Dugga which Avni plays on her phone. Vidyut finds a note under the gunny bag which reads that the gunny bag contains the remains of Guruma. Vidyut opens the bag and finds bones of a dead person. Vidyut gets scared and jumps away. Neil tells Neela that they have distracted Vidyut for 20 minutes and she has 20 minutes to handle the situation. Shweta also comes there and says that she will do anything what he says. Neil asks them to be alert and Juhi is coming. Some men come to Vidyut and he asks them what they have done to his mother. Avni and Ali are happy seeing Vidyut getting trapped. Avni says that Neil has 20 minutes to do his job.

Precap: Neil makes Juhi hear her own recording where she admits that Mishti is not Neil’s daughter. Neil tells her that she has herself revealed that Mishti is Vidyut’s daughter. Vidyut captures Mishti and he throws powder on Avni’s face and runs away with Mishti.

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