Naamkaran: Avni and Ali complete their mission to make Daya a joker

Jan 06, 2017

Naamkarann: Avni (Arsheen Naamdar) comes to know that Daya is related to Asha’s (Barkha Bisht) death and decides to expose her

Star Plus’s show Naamkaran is currently showcasing Avni’s revenge track against Daya. Avni wants to teach a lesson to Daya and therefore she makes a plan along with her friend Ali. Ali enters Daya’s house with deceit and reaches to meet Avni. Ali tells Avni that they will run away with Aman but Avni is not ready to do so as she does not want to use wrong means to get her brother. However, Avni enters in Daya’s room and sees her brother and holds him lovingly. On the other hand, Ali does his work of posting posters all over the house. When Daya wakes up in the morning, she sees her poster which has her face with joker make up. Daya gets furious and she is sure that Avni has done this. Daya also gets angry seeing Asha’s pictures all over the house. Daya thinks to teach Avni a lesson. However, Daya is not aware that Avni is making a solid plan to expose her as Avni will come to know that Daya is the one who is behind her mother’s death. Avni’s sole aim will be to get Daya punished for her crime. Stay tuned for more updates on Naamkaran.

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