Naamkaran: Avni realizes shocking truth of Asha dying by suffocation

Jan 11, 2017

Naamkarann: Daya’s attempts to stop Avni (Arsheen Naamdar) from knowing truth about Asha’s (Barkha Bisht) death fails

The current track of Star Plus’s show Naamkaran is showing Avni’s tryst to get to know the truth about Asha’s death. Avni doubts that there is big mystery behind her mother’s death and she wants to know the truth. Avni realizes that Daya has not let the real reports reach her and therefore she asks the hospital authorities to resend the reports to her. However, Avni does not receive the reports as Daya’s daughter Diksha deletes the email before Avni can see it. Avni wants to go to the hospital to find out about the reports and Neela helps her to reach the hospital. After reaching the hospital, Avni gets email that her mother died due to brain injury. However, the mail is sent from a fake ID and Avni asks the hospital people to give her printout of the real reports. This is when Avni comes to know the shocking truth that Asha had died due to suffocation and not brain injury. Avni will now start digging out the truth about her mother’s murderer and will investigate the matter further more. Neela too will help Avni and the two will try to nab the criminal.  Let’s wait and see how and when Avni is able to expose Daya. Stay tuned for more updates on Star Plus’s show Naamkaran.

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