Naamkaran: Avni’s revenge drama begins as she realizes Daya being killer

Jan 04, 2017

Naamkarann: Avni (Arsheen Naamdar) tolerates all tortures to seek revenge from Daya, Neela to support Avni for her revenge

Star Plus’s show Naamkaran will now focus of Avni’s revenge track against Daya. Daya has ruined Avni’s life by killing Asha (Barkha Bisht) and also taking Aman away with her. Although Avni is not aware about Daya being her mother’s killer, she cannot tolerate being separated from Aman and therefore she lands up at Daya’s house to live with her. Daya locks up Avni in a storeroom which is messy and dark. Avni manages to clean up the store room and her prays to Lord also to help to bring light in the room. Avni’s friend Ali also lands up there to help out Avni is her time of trouble. Avni suffers in the store room but she is courageous and is ready to bear the pain as long as she is close to her brother Aman. However, it will soon be seen that Daya’s evil truth will begin to get exposed in front of Avni. Avni will soon find out that her mother has been killed by none other than Daya. Avni is still at loggerheads with Neela and Ashish (Viraf Patel) but Neela will turn out to be Avni supporter in seeking revenge from Daya. Let’s wait and see how Avni exposes Daya’s truth in front of everyone. Will Avni be able to get her revenge from Daya before she gets kicked out of the house? Stay tuned for more updates on Naamkarann.

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