Naamkaran: Daya agrees to bring Asha & Avni home to give them justice

Dec 28, 2016

Naamkarann: Daya falls into trouble as Asha (barkha Bisht) and Avni’s (Arsheen Naamdar) film finally gest released

Star Plus show Naamkaran will now show the beginning of the tragic track as Daya will mercilessly get Asha’a car accident done. On the day of the film release, Daya pays Aladdin a lot of money and takes away the hard disc of the film from him. Avni is worried as Aladdin goes missing and she tries desperately to get another copy of the film. Avni finally manages to get a copy and ask Asha to get it delivered to the office as soon as possible. While Asha leaves to deliver the disc, Avni is at the press conference and she talks about her film and her life story. On the other hand, Daya comes to know that Asha has a copy of the film and she asks her goons to make sure Asha is never able to deliver the disc. The goons get Asha’s car accident done and Asha is rushed to the hospital. Avni proudly talks about her film at the press conference but she is not aware that Asha is hanging between life and death as she is rushed to the hospital. When Avni comes to know about Asha’s accident, she rushes to be by her side, On the other hand, the film manages to get released despite of several attempts made by Daya to stop it. Daya is shocked as her secret finally become known to the world as the film becomes viral on the internet. It will now be seen that Daya will face a lot of flak from media people and she will have to take quick decision to handle the matter. Daya will tell the media people that she will give Asha and Avni  justice and will bring them home. Let’s wait and see what is Daya’s next evil step against Asha and Avni Stay tuned for more updates on Naamkaran.

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