Naamkaran: Daya’s torture on Avni increases, Avni saves Daya from police

Jan 09, 2017

Naamkarann latest news: Daya makes Avni (Arsheen Naamdar) choose between food and meeting baby brother Aman

 The current track of Naamkaran shows that Daya’s torture on Avni increases more and more. Neela tries to help Avni by getting the police to the house. Neela accuses Daya of locking up Avni in the store room and not giving her food. The policeman asks Avni to give her statement but Avni lies and says that the accusations are wrong. Neela gets shocked as Avni lies to the police about Daya being very nice and she also hugs Daya. Avni does this drama as she wants to remain in the Mehra house in order to find the truth about her mother’s death. On the other hand, Neela gets a warning from Daya that if she calls police again then Ashish will divorce her. However, Neela will not be scared of Daya’s warning and will continue to help Avni in every way possible. Avni wants to see her mother’s reports and asks the hospital people to re-send the reports to her. However, Riya catches Avni with a mobile phone and laptop and Avni falls into bigger trouble. Avni is ready to do anything to be with her little brother Aman but Daya cruelly keeps the baby away from her. It will now be seen that Daya will ask Avni to choose between getting food and meeting Aman. Avni will accept being hungry as she will wants to meet her baby brother. Let’s wait and see whether Daya s allows Avni to meet Aman on not. Stay tuned for more updates on Naamkaran.

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