Naamkaran latest news: Avni & Aman move into Daya’s house post Asha’s death

Dec 29, 2016

Naamkarann latest news: Daya will want to give justice to Avni (Arsheen Namdaar) and Aman after Asha (Barkha Bisht) dies

Star Plus’ show Naamkaran will now start off a new track post the tragic death of Asha. It has already been reported earlier that Asha will not survive after going into coma and will soon breath her last. In the current episodes of the show, it is seen that Asha gives birth to the a baby boy and Avni names the child Aman. While Asha is in coma, Avni is quite sure that her mother will be fine soon and will return to the house. Avni thinks that Asha along with Aman will live a happy life together. On the other hand, Avni’s film crates a big storm in Daya’s life as media people gather and ask Daya why she did such a big injustice with Avni. Daya accepts her mistake and promises to give Asha and Avni justice by bringing them home. Hemant too comes to know about everything and Hemant asks Daya to rectify her mistake by accepting Asha and Avni. It will now be seen that Avni’s world will fall apart as Asha will not survive and will die after being in coma for few days. Daya will want to take Avni and her grandson Aman to her house. Avni will be in a big dilemma as she knows that Daya is responsible for Asha’s death but she will be forced to live in her house. This will be the beginning of a new track as Avni and Aman will move into Daya’s house and Avni will also plan out her revenge against Daya. Stay tuned for more updates on Star Plus’ show Naamkaran.

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