Naamkaran latest news: Avni gets Daya arrested for killing Asha

Jan 08, 2017

Naamkarann latest news: Avni (Arsheen Naamdar) finally comes to know about Daya being Asha’s (Barkha Bisht) killer and gets her arrested

Star Plus’ show Naamkaran is soon going to showcase the much awaited moment as Avni will find out about Daya being the one who has killed her mother Asha. Currently, Viewers are seeing that Daya has kept Avni as a captive in the storeroom and is torturing her in every way possible. Not only does Daya Keep Avni jailed up, she also does not allow her to get food or water. Daya also asks the servant to throw out all of Avni’s luggage and block the window through which Avni had got her belongings. Avni makes herself strong to bear Daya’s tortures but at the same time, she thinks that there is something fishy abut Dayas behavior. Avni comes to know that the hospital had sent Asha’s medical report to her but Daya made sure the report never reaches Avni. It will now be seen that Avni will begin to investigate the matter to find out the truth behind Asha’s death. Neela will show her help and support towards Avni and will help her to escape the lock up in order to find out the truth. Avni will soon come to know that Daya is the one who has killed Asha by suffocating her to death. Avni will call the police to Daya’s house and will ask them to arrest Daya for killing her mother. How will Daya save herself from the cop? Stay tuned for more update son Naamkaran.

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