Naamkaran latest news: Avni gets new mission just before she plans to divorce Neil

Jul 17 , 2017 | | No Comments

Naamkaran latest news: Avni (Aditi Rathore) plans so divorce Neil (Zain Imam) but gets stopped at last moment

Star Plus’s show Naamkaran is all set to bring in a new twist in the storyline of the show as Avni will decide to call off her relationship with Neil for good. In the upcoming twist of the show, viewers will get to see that Avni will be in a big dilemma as she will be confused whether to continue her wedding with Neil or not.

Avni had got married to Neil to fulfill her mission to seek revenge from Dayawanti and now that the revenge is over, Avni will be confused whether to continue being Neil’s wife or not. Moreover, Ali will keep instigating Avni to end her wedding with Neil. Viewers will now get to see that Avni will get divorce papers made and will decide to sign the divorce papers and end her marriage. However, just as Avni is about to sign the papers, she will get a call from her father in law Prakash.

Prakash will tell Avni that his and Shweta’s wedding anniversary is coming up and he wants Avni to organize a grand celebration for the anniversary. Avni will readily agree to do the preparations although she is in dilemma about the divorce. Avni will assure Prakash that she will organize a grand party for their anniversary. On the other hand, Neela too knows about Avni’s plans to divorce Neil and she will put up some drama to ensure that Neil and Avni come closer.

Let’s wait and see whether this anniversary celebration sequence is able to bring Neil and Avni closer to one another. Stay tuned for latest news and future story updates on Naamkaran.

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