Naamkaran latest news: Avni marries Vidyut, Avni’s shocking plan revealed

Feb 11, 2018

Naamkaran latest news: Avni (Aditi Rathore) leaves Neil’s (Zain Imam) house and marries Vidyut for secret plan

The upcoming twist of Star Plus’s show Naamkaran will show that Avni will make the biggest sacrifice as she sets out to destroy her enemy Vidyut. Vidyut warns Avni that he will not spare Neil and his family if she does not agree to marry him. Moreover, viewers will soon get to see that Vidyut will use his influence to tamper the evidence to prove that Prakash is the one who has killed Neela. The police will arrive at Neil’s hosue to arrest Prakash and Avni will realize that Vidyut is doing all this to create havoc in her house.

Avni killed in fire

Therefore, Avni will finally decide to leave Neil’s house and get married to Vidyut. Avni will leave behind a video for Neil and his family where she will bid them goodbye. Moreover, Avni will enter Vidyut’s house as his bride and Vidyut will welcome Avni in a grand way. However, Vidyut will be unaware that Avni has come with a secret mission to destroy him forever. Avni has decided to set Vidyut’s house on fire and burn Vidyut alive. In the upcoming episodes of the show, it will be seen that Avni will set a fire in Vidyut’s hosue and everyone will be dead. However, Avni will manage to escape from the fire but she too will be assumed dead. This will lead to the end of Vidyut’s track and the story will go in for a 5 years’ time leap. Stay tuned for latest news, future story updates and spoilers on Naamkaran. 

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