Naamkaran latest news: Neil betrays Avni and captures her for night

Dec 26, 2017

Naamkaran latest news: Avni (Aditi Rathore) furious as Neil (Zain Imam) breaks her trust again

The upcoming twist of Star Plus’s show Naamkaran will show that Avni will be betrayed by Neil as Neil will trap Avni and ensure that Avni is not able to escape from prison. In the upcoming episode of the show, it will be seen that a Christmas party will be organized in the prison and Neil and Avni will be seen coming closer. Unlike the other prisoners, Avni will get the opportunity to dress in a red saree and Neil and Avni will share a romantic dance too. However, after the party gets over, Avni will suddenly go missing and Neil will be extremely tensed thinking that Avni has run away from jail, Avni will order the other police team to search for Avni in every corner of the prison. However, Neil will be surprised when he will find that Avni is present in his cabin. Neil will hug Avni and will emotionally tell her that he was worried for her as she went missing all of a sudden. Avni too will get emotional but she will try to get away from Neil as she is still angry with him. However, When Neil will move away from Avni, she will realize that he has handcuffed her to the table. Neil will tell Avni that she will have to spend the entire night in his cabin. Avni will be extremely frustrated as Neil betrayed her and trapped her by doing an emotional drama with her. Avni wants to run away from prison but Neil is ensuring that Avni’s plans don’t get succeeded. Will Avni be able to complete her plans? Stay tuned for latest news, futures story updates and spoilers on Naamkaran.

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