Naamkaran latest news: Neil break ties with Avni, arrests her as criminal

Dec 14, 2017

Naamkaran latest news: Neil (Zain Imam) frustrated with Avni (Aditi Rathore) going against law and arrests her

The upcoming twist of Star Plus’s show Naamkaran will showcase a sad turning point in Neil and Avni’s life as Neil will break all ties with Avni as he will arrest her as a criminal. Vidyut has played an evil trick as he has trapped Avni in such a way that Avni is the prime suspect in Juhi’s murder case. The commissioner confronts Neil and tells him to arrest Avni as all evidence is against her. However, Neil is sure that Avni is innocent and Juhi has been killed by Vidyut. Neil is determined to gather every evidence to prove Avni innocent and also confronts Avni to tell her details about the incident. Avni wants Avni to stay away from the case and let him handle the matter but Avni goes against Neil’s orders and reaches the crime scene in order to search for evidence. Neil gets furious on Avni for going to the crime scene without his permission and scolds her for trying to break the law. Neil has warned Avni many times not to take the law in her hands but Avni continues to go against Neil. Viewers will now see that Avni’s attempts will make Neil go against her and he will be left with no choice but to arrest Avni. Neil will show handcuffs to Avni and will break all ties with her and arrest her as a criminal. Avni will be heartbroken seeing that Neil has failed to prove her innocence.  How will Neil and Avni be able to resolve these new differences between them? Stay tuned for latest news, futures story updates and spoilers on Naamkaran.

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