Naamkaran latest news: Neil in big danger of being exposed as Neo

Jan 04, 2018

Naamkaran latest news: Neil turns Neo again while Avni works on escape plan

The upcoming twist of Star Plus’ show Naamkaran will show some high intensity drama as Neil will once again take on the Neo avtaar and Vidyut will be determined to expose him. Neil cannot break the law being a police office and therefore he takes on the avtaar of Neo in order to destroy Vidyut’s business. Neil and Neela were the only ones who knew about the identity of Neo but Avni has now come to know about Neil’s Neo act. In the upcoming episodes of the show, viewers will get to see that Neil will enter Vidyut’s godown as Neo and he will help young women to escape who have been made captives by Vidyut. Despite of every attempt made by Vidyut, he will not be able to catch Neo and expose him.

Naamkaran upcoming twist: Monica on a mission to stop Avni from escaping

On the other hand, Avni will start working on her plan to escape from jail once again. Avni has to create a blast to break down the concrete as this is the only way for her to escape. As Neil takes on the Neo avtaar, Avni will try to run away from prion. Moreover, Avni’s rival too has come to know about Avni’s escape plan and she will ensure that Avni’s plan does not succeed. Will Neil be able to stop Avni in the right time before she escapes? Stay tuned for latest news, future story updates and spoilers on Naamkaran.

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