Naamkaran latest news: Neil’s smart plan to stop Avni from prison break

Dec 24, 2017

Naamkaran latest news: Neil (Zain Imam) knows about Avni’s (Aditi Rathore) prison break plan and tries to stop her

The upcoming twist of Star Plus’ show Naamkaran will show that Neil will come up with a unique plan to ensure that Avni remains in jail and does not try to run away from prison again. Neil has come to know that Avni tried to run away from jail as he found evidence that Avni’s prison cell has an escape route. Neil fears that if Avni tries to run away from prison again, then she will be caught and there will be another case against hr and he will not be able to save her from punishment. Neil is trying to prove Avni’s innocence and get her out of jail but he is scared that if Avni does another crime then she will fall more and more into trouble, Therefore, Neil will now be seen entering the prison in order to keep an eye on Avni. Neil knows that if Avni returns to her jail cell then she will run away. Therefore Neil will introduce some activities for the jail inmates to ensure that Avni does not go back to her cell. Neil will make the inmates do Yoga and also compete in a three legged race. Moreover, Avni will be paired up with her arch rival Monica in the three legged race and this will make her quite upset.  Avni desperately wants to return to her cell and run away but she is not aware that Neil has kept DD at the other end of the escape route in order to catch Avni. Will Avni try to run away again and will Neil catch her? Stay tuned for latest news, future story updates an spoilers on Naamkaran.

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