Naamkaran: Neela betrays Avni & marries Ashish, Avni’s film in big trouble

Dec 25, 2016

Naamkarann: Avni (Arsheen Naamdar) comes to know about Neela being the financer of her film after Neela and Ashish’s (Viraf Patel) wedding

Star Plus’s show Naamkaran will now show Avni feeling betrayed and let down by Neela as she gets married to Ashish despite of refusing for it earlier. Neela had promised Avni that she will not marry Ashish and instead, she will expose Ashish and Daya in front of the media just before the wedding. However, Daya comes to know about Neela’s plan and she decides to play an evil trick to make sure Neela does not back out from marrying Ashish. Daya takes away Hemant’s medicines and he suddenly falls very ill. Neela meets Hemant and she is worried for his ill health. Neela decides to cancel the wedding but Hemant tells her that he will only get happiness seeing her married with Ashish. Neela is in a big dilemma as she wants to call off her wedding with Ashish but her ailing father wants her to marry him. Moreover, Daya plays another evil trick as she confronts Neela and finally reveals the truth to her that Hemant has got cancer and he will not live for very long. Neela’s world is shattered hearing this and she realizes that she does not have any other option but to marry Ashish for Hemant’s happiness. On the other hand, Avni and Aladdin enter the wedding mandap to shoot the last scene of their movie. Aladdin and Avni wait for the moment when Neela will make an announcement to the press that she is backing out form the marriage. However both Aladdin and Avni get a big shock when Neela announces that she will be getting married to Ashish. Avni watches with tears in her eyes as Neela and Ashish perform all the wedding rituals with each other. Asha (Barkha Bisht) too watches the wedding on the news channel and realizes that Ashish has gone from his life forever. It will now be seen that Aladdin will reveal to Avni that Neela is the financer for their film. Avni is hurt by Neela’s betrayal but she decides to use the money as she wants to release the film at any cost. On the other hand, Daya will ask Neela to back out from Avni’s film. Let’s wait and see whether Avni’s film is able to get released or not. Stay tuned for more updates on Naamkaran.

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