Naamkaran: Neela turns to be secret savior for Avni as she gets locked up by Daya

Jan 03 , 2017 | | 2 Comments

Naamkarann: Daya warns Avni (Arsheen Naamdar) to stay away from Aman and locks her up in store room

Star plus’ show Naamkaran will now showcase the beginning of Avni’s struggles as she moves into Daya’s house. Avni wants to make an entry in Daya’s house and tells the media that she cannot live with Fatima and therefore has to move in with Daya.

Daya too readily accepts Avni in front of Media people. However, as soon as Avni enters the house, Daya starts treating her with hatred. Avni just wants to be with her baby brother but Daya asks Avni to stay away from Aman. Daya makes it clear to Avni that Aman will grow up getting values from her house. Daya taunts upbringing that Asha has given to Avni and say that Aman will be brought up differently. Avni fears that Daya will teach hatred to Aman.

Daya also tortures Avni as she keeps her in a dark store room and asks her to live there. Neela sees Daya mistreating Avni and decides to call the police but Daya blackmails Neela not to do so. It will now be seen that Avni will silently cry in the dark room and Neela will turn out to be her savior as she will help her going against Daya. Avni will face lots of problems and allegations by Daya but Avni will not give up as her sole purpose is to be close to her brother.

Will Avni be able to take Aman away from his evil grandmother? Stay tuned for more updates on Naamkaran.

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2 thoughts on “Naamkaran: Neela turns to be secret savior for Avni as she gets locked up by Daya”

  1. Pathetic direction..I have to stop watching this serial..Avni is so intelligent she can simply call media and show how is her Dadi behaving and talk about vanish and all..She will get order from court and will stay happily with nano

    Neela can just tell Ashish atleast now think about kids..He should protect them. He should take kids along with Neela and go away from home

    So many good approaches the serial can take..What pathetic..Avni please stop working for this serial..You will be lost in this pathetic story

  2. Agree with Bhumi. Why do most Hindi serials have a good story for only 4 months? And so much negativity? And really this theme in this day and age?

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