Naamkaran shocking: Asha gets killed, Avni to bring up her baby brother

Dec 27, 2016

Naamkarann latest news: Avni (Arsheen Naamdar) buries Asha’s dead body and vows to take care of her baby brother, Ashish (Viraf Patel) unaware about Asha’s (Barkha Bisht) death

Star Plus’ show Naamkaran is now going to bring about the biggest twist in the storyline of the show as the lead character Asha will die after the car accident. It has already been reported earlier that Daya would get Asha’s car accident done and Asha would go into coma. However, it was not certain earlier whether Asha would survive or not. The latest news coming around suggests that Asha will not survive and she will die soon after giving birth to her child. Asha’s death will bring in a huge storm in Avni’s life as Asha was the biggest pillar of strength for Avni. Viewers will get to see a highly emotional track where Avni will break down after Asha’s death. Avni and her grandmother will mourn for Asha and will take her body to the graveyard for burial. Avni will have tears in her eyes as she will perform the last rites for Asha. However, the most dramatic and emotional moment will take place as Fatima will give the little baby boy in Avni’s hand. Avni will hold her baby brother and she will realize that she has to remain strong for her brother’s sake. Avni will also realize that she will have to give a proper upbringing for her brother is Asha’s absence. However, Avni will not forget that Asha has been mercilessly killed by Daya and she will decide to seek her revenge from her biggest enemy. Although Avni and Fatima perform the last rites for Asha, Ashish and Neela will not be aware about Asha’s death just as yet. Let’s wait and see how Ashish reacts knowing that his beloved Asha has died. Stay tuned for more updates on Star Plus’ show Naamkaran.

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