Naamkarann 24th December 2016 written episode update

Dec 23, 2016

Naamkaran (Naamkarann) 24th December 2016 written episode written update starring Barkha Bisht and Viraf Patel

Daya takes away Hemant’s medicines and Ketan asks her why is she doing this. Daya asks Ketan to follow her orders as what she is doing is necessary. Media people ask Neela how she feels as she will soon marry into Mehta family. Neela asks media to wait and watch. Daya meets Neela and tells her that she is happy that the marriage is taking place as she will fulfill her promise made to Hemant. Ketan comes there and says that Hemant is unwell. Neela rushes to be with Hemant and tells him that they will postpone the wedding. Hemant refuses for it and says that he trusts Daya and wants her to get married in Mehta family soon. Hemant requests Neela not to stop the wedding at any cost. Daya asks Neela to assure her father that she will marry Ashish. Daya tells Hemant that they will have to tell Neela the truth and Neela gets worried wanting to know what is the truth. The doctor comes there and Daya takes Neela aside to tell her the truth. Hemant tells the doctor to save him till the wedding takes place.  Daya tells Neela that she has done all evil things till now only for Hemant’s sake. Daya reveals that Hemant is dying. Daya says that she hid Asha and Ashish’s affair for the sake of Hemant’s health. Daya reveals that Hemant has cancer and he will not live for long. Daya tells Neela that it is now in her hands whether she wants to fulfill Hemant’s last wishes or not. Neela starts crying bitterly. Aladdin tells Avni and the kids that media people are still not allowed in the house. Some media people talk that Neela maybe changing her decision to marry Ashish. Doctor tells Daya and Neela that Hemant wants to see the wedding right away. Neela is distressed and goes to meet Hemant. Ketan announces to media people to enter the house. Aladdin tells Avni that it is time for them to shoot the final scene of their film. Neela enters the mandap and media people ask her what announcement she wants to make.  Aladdin and Avni wait to hear Neela calling off her wedding. However, Neela says that she wants to fulfill her father’s dream and she is happy to marry Ashish. Asha, Avni and Aladdin are shocked hearing all this. Aladdin tells Avni that Neela has turned back on her words. Daya tells Ketan to give Hemant the medicines as he should not suffer anymore. Aladdin tells Avni that they will leave. However, Avni asks him to continue shooting as she wants to showcase the entire film and the entire truth. Neela and Ashish complete all wedding rituals and Avni cries seeing this. Neela and Ashish take the wedding rounds but both have pain and hurt in their eyes.

Precap: Aladdin tells Asha and Avni that he wants to reveal name of financer. Daya tells Neela to stop the finance of Avni’s film. Avni tells Asha that they will have to complete their movie.

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