Naamkarann 7th January 2016 written episode update

Jan 06, 2017

Naamkaran (Naamkarann) 7th January 2016 written episode written update starring Barkha Bisht and Viraf Patel

Daya is furious seeing joker make up on her face. Daya slaps Ketan in anger. Daya instructs her family members to throw all the posters from the walls. Daya warns Avni that all her tricks will soon backfire on her. Avni says that she just wants to put her mother’s picture on the wall and nothing else. Daya finally allows Avni to keep her mother’s photo. The servant takes off all the photos from the walls. Avni notices pieces off a letter from the hospital where Asha had died. Avni asks Daya why she was not given the letter which had come for her. Daya does not answer and instead her cousin says that she burnt the letter. Avni asks her why she did this to her. Avni and her cousin get into an argument. Daya drags Avni and throws her in store room again. Daya notices many boxes lined against the wall. Daya moves the boxes and sees a window. Daya realizes that Avni must be calling her friends in the store room through the window. Daya scolds Avni and the rat comes and bites her. The rat runs after Daya as she runs to the living room. Daya instructs the servant to kill the rat and throw it out. Avni comes there and says that lord Ganesh will be angry if they kill the rat. Daya tells the servant to leave the rat out of the house safely. Neela and Hasmukh talk to each other and Hasmukh is happy to know that Avni created such a big drama. Neela asks Hasmukh about Diksha. Hasmukh reveals to Neela that Diksha does not trust him and doubts him all the time. Daya instructs servant to block the window and throw out Avni’s luggage Avni pleads her not to. The servant purposely does not throw out Avni’s laptop. Daya tells the servant not to give food to Avni for another two days. Avni asks her cousin why she is doing all this to hear and why she burnt her letter. Cousin forgets about the letter and Avni realizes that Daya is behind it. Neela questions Daya for behaving so harshly with Avni. Neela tells Daya to remove Avni from the store room but Daya flatly refuses. Hasmukh tells Neel not to take any step which will harm Avni. Neela says that he will help Avni at any cost. Daya gives Avni’s cousin gold chain as a prize for helping her. Daya plays with Aman but Avni’s cousin gets jealous seeing Daya showering her love on Aman. Avni talks to Ali on the phone and complains about the blocked window and her luggage being thrown out. Avni tells Ali that she has to find the truth about who has destroyed the hospital report.

Precap:  The police arrests Daya accuses her of strangling Asha to death.

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