Naamkaran’s Asha aka Barkha Bisht reveals she did not get along with Avni

Dec 29, 2016

Naamkarann latest news: Barkha Bisht (Asha) has revealed that she is sad by her sudden exit and feels her character was equally important as Avni (Arsheen Naamdar)

Star Plus show Naamkaran is soon going to showcase the sudden death sequence of the main lead Asha and this big twist will bring about a huge shock amid viewers. Asha’s sudden death has been introduced by the makers in order to create a shock factor amid viewers and increase the ratings of the show. The lead actress Barkha Bisht aka Asha has revealed that she is quite sad with her character’s sudden end. Barkha has expressed that she did not expect her character to be bumped off so suddenly. However, the actress knows that that the decision would have been taken by the makers to give a big boost to the TRP’s and she respect their decision. However, Barkha feels that she was a very important aspect of the show and no other character’s death would bring such a big shock as hers would. There were also some speculations that Barkha did not get along with her child co-star Arsheen Naamdar aka Avni. Barkha has been very honest about this as she has revealed that she got along Arsheen only on a professional level. Barkha admits that she connected more with other people than she did with Arsheen. However, Barkha has made it clear that she never felt insecure because of Avni’s character as she knows that the storyline is based on Avni’s perspective. However, Barkha also know that Asha’s character was equally important as Avni’s. Asha’s exit will definitely be quite disappointing for viewers and Asha will be greatly missed on the show. Stay tuned for more updates on Naamkaran.

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