Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 11th January 2017 written episode update

Jan 10, 2017

Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 11th January 2017 written episode written update starring Drashti Dhami, Arjun Bijlani and Laksh Lalwani

Naina enters the room and tells Raghav that he always disappoints her with his behavior. Naina gets shocked to see that it is not Raghav but is Veer. Veer says that he is sure that Naina and Raghav have not consummated their relationship and are not close to each other. Naina taunts Veer saying that Raghav is much better than him as he genuinely cares for the family. Naina blames Veer for taking undue advantage of Raghav but treating him as servant. Veer taunts Naina saying that he rejected her and she had to marry a servant. Naina slaps Veer and tells Veee that she would always choose Raghav over him. Naina tells Veer that she feels bad when he talks badly about Raghav so he should mind his language. Veer tells Naina that he will not spare her for slapping him. Raghav calls the bank to know his bank balance but realizes that he has very little money. Raghav thinks that he will have to sell something to get money to release Rajeev from jail. Raghav looks at his patent documents and thinks that it is useless. Naina thinks that Raghav has to know that the Mehra family hates him and is just making use of him. However, Naina thinks that Raghav will hate her if she tells him the truth. Naina decides that she will tell Raghav everything. Sudha and Balraj talk about how they put Rajeev in jail. Sudha and Pam are angry about Dadi giving so much importance to Naina and they bad mouth Naina. Naina hears everything and decides that she will bring out their reality in front of Dadi. Raghav finds a painting and decides to sell it at an antique store. The antique dealer says that the painting belongs to a very famous artist. Raghav says that the painter was from his village and he painted the picture of him and his mother. Raghav says that he has to sell the painting to save someone. The man tells Raghav that he will get 11000 euros and Raghav gets happy. Raghav thinks that he will do anything to end Naina’s sorrow. Dadi notices that Veer’s cheek is swollen and asks him about it. Naina comes and taunts that it looks like someone has slapped him. Veer says that a female dog attacked him. Veer leaves and Naina tells Dadi that she has to say something important to her. Dadi starts coughing and Naina worries for her health. Dadi says that    she is longing to see Veer’s child. Naina is worried thinking how she will tell Dadi that Veer and Sanjana are not going to have a baby. Naina changes her mind to tell Dadi anything. The roka ceremony starts. Sudha and Pam argue about doing the chunri ritual. Dadi says that Naina will do the ritual and Sudha and Pam get angry. Veer and Sanjana sit down for the roka and Naina puts the chunri on Sanjana’s head. Dadi tells Naina to give advice to Sanjana as per ritual. Naina puts grains and food in Sanjana’s lap. Naina tells Sanjana to respect her elders and treat the house as a temple. Naina also tells Sanjana not to hide her personality and do her parties openly.

Precap: Naina holds Raghav’s hand and says that she has got a status of elder daughter in law only because of Raghav.

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