Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 16th February 2017 written episode update

Feb 15, 2017

Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 16th February 2017 written episode written update starring Drashti Dhami, Arjun Bijlani and Laksh Lalwani

Some men are removing all items from Mehra house and Pam and Sudha try to stop them. A man tells Balraj that their house will have to get sold off to repay their loans. The man also threatens to send them to jail if their money is not repaid. Sudha blames Madan for throwing away all the money in gambling and also blames Veer for spending all the money. Everyone in Mehra house fights amongst one another. Sudha demands Pam to speak up about the stolen jewelry but Pam refuses to answer. Raghav is with a beautiful woman in a hotel suite. Raghav romances with the woman who turns out to be a business associate’s wife. Raghav blames the woman for being disloyal when her husband walks in. Raghav says all wives are disloyal. Raghav says all women are unfaithful and selfish. Raghav meets a woman who tells him that she has accepted award on his behalf. Raghav misbehaves with the woman and tells her not to use the dirty word love. Mehra house gets auctioned off and Raghav makes the highest bid for it and buys the Mehra mansion. All Mehra family members are shocked seeing this. Balraj approaches Raghav and asks him to sign the property papers soon so that they can be saved form going to jail. Raghav wants to take his own time and Sudha, Pam and Madan start pleading him for it. Raghav checks his watch and says that he will not sign any papers without seeing Dadaji’s watch.  Raghav stalls the time while everyone panics as time is flying by. The family decides to sell the house to the second highest bidder but the man says that he was bidding on Raghav’s behalf. Sudha pleads Raghav that time is very less and he should sign the papers fast. Everyone starts searching for Dadaji’s watch as Raghav refuses to sign without it. Raghav finds the watch and finally offers a lower price for the house. Everyone agrees for it and Raghav is about to sign but he stops again. Raghav says that he has one condition and he wants to keep Dadi with him. Sudha readily agrees for it. Raghav signs the paper and says that he will give them one Euro more than the amount. Everyone is confused and Raghav explains that the one Euro more is for Shagun as he is following Dadi’s traditions. Sanjana tells Raghav that they don’t have money to live in rented house and asks him if they can live there. Raghav refuses but allow them to live in the outhouse. Raghav blames Mehra family for ruining everything built by Dadi and Dadaji. Raghav says that he is going to change everything in the house from now on. Raghav gets the Ganesh Idol into the house while everyone else leaves.

Precap: Naina is in the auto-rickshaw and thinks that she has returned to her country leaving back the one she loved. Raghav tells his secretary that he does not know any Naina.

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