Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 1st February 2017 written episode update

Jan 31, 2017

Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 1st February 2017 written episode written update starring Drashti Dhami, Arjun Bijlani and Laksh Lalwani

Raghav tells Naina that she will be happy with Amit. Naina asks Raghav who gave him the right to take decisions of her life. Naina accuses him of first trying to get her married to Veer and then married her himself. Now he wants her to reunite her with Amit who cheated on her. Naina tells Raghav that she does not need his help for anything as he is a liar and a coward. Dadi confronts Veer and asks him whether she has ever mistreated him in any way. Veer talks rudely with Dadi and calls her controlling. Veer accuses Dadi of wanting him to marry Naina although he never wanted it. Dadi slaps Veer in anger and Veer gets more angry and walks towards her threateningly. Naina tells Raghav that she is freeing him and he can go be with Sanjana. Raghav says that she is talking rubbish as Sanjana is marrying Veer. Naina tells Raghav that he is angry as he could never get Sanjana. Naina tells Raghav that he wants to divorce her so that he can move on in life. Dadi is heartbroken thinking that her family hates her so much. Dadi tells the family that she is freeing all of them and now none of them will have any connection with Mehra family name and will not have any right on Mehra wealth and property. Dadi says that Raghav was always loyal to her and announces that she has made all her property in Raghav’s name. Mehra family members are shocked hearing this. Naina asks Raghav whether she is not worth being loved. Raghav says that he wants her to be with someone who will shower all the love on her. Raghav says that she deserves all the happiness but Naina says that she deserves him. Raghav looks at Naina with surprise. Naina says that she deserve to be with a partner who will always stand by her. Naina emotionally tells Raghav that she will sign the divorce papers. Balraj burns the papers in which Dadi has made all her health in Raghav’s name. Dadi calls Raghav and tells him to come soon but Sudha and Pam close Dadi’s mouth tight and she becomes unconscious. Raghav and Naina rush to be with Dadi. Raghav and Naina reach home and see Dadi unconscious. Raghav tries to wake up Dadi emotionally and starts crying. Raghav gets up to call the doctor but Balraj stops him. Balraj accuses Raghav for being over-smart. Pam accuses Naina and Raghav of being the reason behind Dadi being in Coma. Sudha says that Dadi has faced all the trouble just because of Naina. Sudha says that Naina took Dadi to the doctor and told her that Sanjana is not pregnant. This made Dadi shocked and she went into coma. Raghav defends Naina but Balraj asks Raghav to leave from the house. Balraj also fires Raghav from his job and Sudha says that she will not give them any monetary help. Pam gives Raghav a broom as a parting gift but Naina catches the broom angrily.

Precap: Balraj tells the others that Raghav has blindly singed on the papers making all the property in their name. Naina comes there.

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