Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 20th January 2017 written episode update

Jan 19, 2017

Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 20th January 2017 written episode written update starring Drashti Dhami, Arjun Bijlani and Laksh Lalwani

Raghav tells Veer to apologize to Naina or else his whole family will know about his truth. Sanjana comes there and tells Veer that Raghav is trapping him. Raghav tells Sanjana that Veer betrayed everyone and now he will have to resolve everything. Sanjana asks Raghav to spare Veer and they will do whatever he says. Raghav says that Veer will have to apologize to Naina and bring her back to the house. Rajeev scolds Naina for not doing the grocery shopping. Rajeev tells Naina to get beer for him from market. Rajeev says that if she does not go then he will send Asha. Naina agrees to go. Sanjana pretends to scold Veer in front of Raghav and also asks him to apologize to Naina. Veer gets angry on Sanjana as she is as much at fault as he is. Sanjana asks Veer to continue the drama as Raghav has his video. Raghav says that Naina is in the marketplace and Veer should go there and meet her. Naina walks on the streets and thinks about all her past moments with Raghav. Naina reminisces all her good times with Raghav. Raghav, Veer and Sanjana arrive there. Raghav spots Naina and tells Veer to go to her and say sorry to her. Raghav tell Veer to tell Naina that he will always respect her. Raghav asks Veer to remember that Naina is his wife and she should talks to her with respect. Raghav asks Veer to keep his phone on so that he can hear the conversation. Raghav asks Veer to make sure Naina does not know that he has sent him. Raghav asks Sanjana to also go with Veer to apologize to Naina. Raghav tells Sanjana that she supported the wrong man and also insulted Naina and therefore she should apologize to Naina. Sanjana tells Veer to follow Raghav’s instructions so that the matter does not reach Dadi. Veer meets Naina and tells her that he wants to talk to her. Veer tells Naina that he wants to apologize to her but Naina does not want to listen to him. Sudha and Pam return home as Dadi is unwell. Sudha and Pam are happy that their plan is working and the medicines have worked on Dadi. A man dressed as Santa Clause comes to the marketplace and Raghav sees him going to a corner and taking off his clothes. The man removes a gun and starts firing at everyone. Raghav rushes to save Naina. Dadi wakes up seeing a bad dream and starts panicking. Pam and Sudha pretend to take care of Dadi. Naina hides in a corner while Raghav looks for her. Raghav finally spots Naina and is reassured that she is safe. Raghav starts worrying for Sanjana. The terrorist starts approaching the place where Naina is hiding. The terrorist mistakenly steps on Naina’s foot but she suppresses her scream. Raghav throws an object to distract the terrorist. Sanjana screams and begins to run. Sanjana comes face to face with the terrorist and he points his gun towards her. Raghav rushes to save Sanjana and Naina is shocked seeing Raghav.

Precap: Raghav saves Sanjana from the bullet but Naina gets hit by the bullet.

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