Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 2nd January 2017 written episode update

Jan 01, 2017

Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 2nd January 2017 written episode written update starring Drashti Dhami, Arjun Bijlani and Laksh Lalwani

Naina tells Raghav to inform Dadi that she cannot go to restaurant. Naina thinks that she cannot eat with Sanjana’s thoughts in her mind. Naina slips and falls and Raghav holds her. Naina tells Raghav that she will come to the restaurant. Naina wonders why Dadi wants her and Raghav to come together since Raghav loves Sanjana. Naina wonders why she is feelings so bad that Raghav still loves Sanjana. Veer is angry with Raghav and Naina. Sudha tells Veer to calm down as they will have to be careful or Dadi will give them everything. Sudha tells Veer about Raghav and Naina going to a restaurant. Sanjana says that they will create problems between Naina and Raghav. Veer suggests that they should also make Dadi hate Naina and Raghav so they can divide and rule. Rajeev talks on the phone with Asha and tells her that he cannot bear expenses any longer. Raghav comes there and Rajeev taunts him saying that his financial problems would have been solved if Naina had married a rich man and not a beggar like him. Raghav and Naina reach the restaurant and Raghav meets a friend who asks him about Sanjana. Naina gets jealous. The food arrives and Naina gets confused how to eat it. Raghav gets with chopsticks and Naina tries to copy him. Raghav notices that Naina is in a dilemma and he advices her to eat with fingers and he too starts using his fingers. Raghav gets Sanjana’s call and Raghav does not take the call. Naina advices him to take the call as it may be important. Raghav tells Naina that he has to sign some important papers and he has to leave immediately. Rajeev shows Chanchal the stolen money and they both get excited. Sanjana calls up Naina while she is in the restaurant and Sanjana tells her that Raghav is coming to meet her. Naina gets furious hearing this. Asha comes to know that all her dues have been paid by Raghav Mehra. Raghav comes there and tells her that it was his duty to help her. Raghav advices Asha not to tell Naina about it and he does not want her to feel indebted. Asha tells Raghav that he has done a big favour on her and she is grateful. Asha tells Raghav that he is like an angle and Naina is lucky to marry him. Naina walks back home and she is angry that Raghav lied to her once again as he went to meet Sanjana but lied that he has office work. Naina is heartbroken and does not realize as a car comes speeding towards her. The car is about to dash into Naina but she gets saved. It turns out to be Dadi’s car.

Precap: Veer and Raghav are working late in the night. Veer’s phone rings and he asks Raghav to check it. Raghav sees that Naina has sent a message to Veee telling him that she misses him and wanted to marry him and not Veer.

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