Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 3rd February 2017 written episode update

Feb 02, 2017

Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 3rd February 2017 written episode written update starring Drashti Dhami, Arjun Bijlani and Laksh Lalwani

The lawyer reads out the Will to the Mehra family members which sasy that all the wealth will be distributed to the family members equally. The will also says that Raghav will get the outhouse. However, if Raghav does not accept the outhouse then the Mehra’s will not get anything. Sudha say that Raghav will have to accept it as they will not get anything otherwise. Naina requests Raghav to go back to Mehra house and sign the will papers for Dadi’s sake. Balraj informs the family that Raghav has signed the papers blindly and has given everything to them. Sudha say that Raghav is a fool. Naina comes there and says that Sudha will never know Raghav’s worth. Sudha asks Naina to get out and Naina says that she will keep coming there to keep an eye on Dadi’s health. Pam and Sudha taunt Naina. Naina says that within one month she will make sure that Raghav will be equal to them. Naina leaves from there being determined and Mehra’s think to ruin Naina’s plan. Raghav talks on the phone to an employer saying that he will present his patent to them the next day. Naina comes there and Raghav hides some equipment. Naina sees Raghav hiding it and starts snooping around to find out what it is. Raghav catches Naina and scolds her. Raghav and Naina end up sharing romantic eye lock. The light suddenly goes off and Naina realizes that only the outhouse has no light whereas the main house has light. Veer tells Sudha that he cut off electricity from the outhouse. Raghav and Naina go to check the electricity problem. Raghav sees a cut wire and says that he will repair it. Raghav fixes the wire problem. Later, Raghav shows Naina the equipment that he has built. It is a vacuum cleaner which has special features and works on solar power. Raghav says that he will present this equipment to a company the next day. Raghav gives a demonstration of the cleaner. Raghav plugs in the machine and gets an electrical shock. Naina worries for Raghav as he falls down comically. Raghav has flour fallen all over him and Naina laughs at him. Raghav is worried how he will go for the presentation with his electrified hair. Naina says that she will take care of it. Next morning, Naina chooses a shirt for Raghav to wear for his interview although Raghav is not sure about it. Raghav wears the shirt and starts romancing with Naina. Raghav complains that his hair is not getting set. Naina brings an iron and a towel and decides to iron Raghav’s hair. Raghav gets scared and says that Naina will bun his hair. Finally Naina convinces Raghav to iron his hair. Naina gives yogurt to Raghav and wishes him luck for his presentation and interview.

Precap: Sanjana tells Naina she gave spoilt yogurt to Raghav. Interviewer says that Raghav presented a rubbish idea. Raghav meets Naina on the street and boasts about the presentation. Naina knows Raghav is lying and hugs him and consoles him.

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