Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 4th January 2017 written episode update

Jan 03, 2017

Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 4th January 2017 written episode written update starring Drashti Dhami, Arjun Bijlani and Laksh Lalwani

Veer tells Raghav to read out the message but Raghav is too shocked. Raghav shows the message to Veer and acts as if he is embarrassed. Veer apologizes to Raghav and tells him that Naina has sent him many such text messages earlier. Veer lies that he avoided the messages earlier but now she is sending him many desperate messages. Veer says that Naina’s ego is hurt and therefore she can’t forget him. Veer tells Raghav not to confront Naina about this as she will be hurt. Veer walks out and meets Sanjana. Veer says that their plan will definitely create hatred between Naina and Raghav. Raghav is heartbroken remembering Veer’s words. Raghav thinks that Naina does not want to be with him and still has Veer in her heart. Raghav thinks that he should not feel hurt as he was never supposed to marry Naina. Naina calls Asha and tells her about Sanjana’s pregnancy lie. Naina says that she is worried for Dadi. Asha advices Naina to tell Raghav about Sanjana but Naina says that she cannot. Asha tells Naina not to keep lies between her and Raghav as he is her husband. Raghav enters the room and Naina gives him coffee. However, Raghav avoids Naina and behaves rudely with her. Naina tells Raghav that she has to tell him something very important and it is a sensitive matter. Raghav thinks that Naina is going to tell her about Veer. Naina reveals that Sanjana is not pregnant and Raghav gets shocked.  Naina reveals the past evidences and says that Sanjana is making up such a big lie for money. Naina calls Sanjana characterless and Raghav tells Naina not to talk about character. Raghav defends Sanjana and instead taunts Naina. Raghav asks Naina not to come between Sanjana and Veer. Sanjana is hurt by Raghav’s words and a big argument breaks out between them. Naina tells Raghav that he is deaf and blind and cannot see people plotting and planning against him. Raghav tells Naina that she broke his trust. Naina says that she can no longer live with him and starts packing her bags. Raghav too helps Naina to pack. Naina asks Raghav not to try calling her mother. Naina is about to leave but Raghav stops her and gives her dupatta. Dadi sees everything and gets tensed. Veer, Sanjana and Sudha also see this and get happy. Dadi tries to stop Naina but Naina apologizes and leaves from there. Dadi asks Raghav why he let Naina leave but Raghav says that he cannot change her decision. Dadi orders Raghav to go and stop Naina. Raghav finds Naina on the street and he tells her that he will drop her as Dadi has instructed him. Raghav forces Naina to sit in the car and Naina scolds Raghav. Asha opens the door and is shocked to see Naina there with her luggage. Naina hugs Asha and cries. Naina says that she can no longer stay with Raghav and she wants to seek divorce from him. Naina says that Raghav has insulted her. Raghav comes there and tells Asha that nothing like this has happened. Naina says that Raghav wants to lead his own life and she wants to lead her own. Chanchal and Rajeev come there and Asha tells them about Raghav and Naina wanting divorce.

Precap: Raghav tells Dadi that he no longer wants to hold back Naina in a marriage which she does not want.

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