Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 6th February 2017 written episode update

Feb 05, 2017

Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 6th February 2017 written episode written update starring Drashti Dhami, Arjun Bijlani and Laksh Lalwani

Pam and Sanjana talk about Sudha’ plan getting failed. Sanjana says that she has made a good plan to create trouble for Raghav and Naina. Raghav shows his presentation to some people from a company. The company people praise Raghav and his invention. One of the members suddenly gets a call and he sends Raghav out of the room. Sanjana enters Naina’s room and Naina is angry that she came without permission. Sanjana opens the fridge and scolds Naina for using her yogurt. Sanjana tells Naina that the yogurt is expired and Naina worries as she has fed the yogurt to Raghav.  Sanjana taunts Naina for this. Naina calls up Raghav and he tells her that he is very happy and everything went very well for him at the interview. Naina reaches the place where Raghav is giving interview as she worries for his health. The people from the company talk to each other saying that they cannot accept Raghav’s idea as the Mehra’s refused them to employ Raghav. Naina hears this and thinks that Mehra’s have interfered in Raghav’s life again. Naina is sad for Raghav and thinks that she will not leave Raghav alone and will support him. Naina finds Raghav sitting on a street and Raghav tells Naina that everyone liked his presentation and his product. Raghav seems very happy but Naina hugs him and tells Raghav that she knows he got rejected. Raghav happily tells Naina that he is not scared of rejections and will work harder. Raghav and Naina joke with each other and forget their sadness. Naina gives Raghav medicine for his allergies. Raghav is overwhelmed with Naina’s care and helps to repair her broken sandals. Pam taunts Sudha for her flopped planning. Sudha says that she has a deadly plan in mind. Naina is in her room at night and suddenly she spots a scary looking man outside the window. The man enters into the room and scares Naina. Naina screams for Raghav and Raghav comes there and beats up the man. Raghav asks the man why he has come here and the man asks him to leave the house. The man runs away and Naina hugs Raghav saying she is scared. Naina has her feet on Raghav’s feet and they walk together towards the kitchen counter where Raghav fills a glass of water for her. Raghav emotionally tells Naina not to worry as he will always save her. Raghav tells Naina that she is not safe here alone and therefore she will accompany him wherever he goes. Raghav and Naina go to different companies and Raghav gives the demo but he faces rejection everywhere. Naina consoles Raghav. Next day, Naina cannot find Raghav in the room and sees that he has circled an advertisement for kidney donation. Naina thinks that Raghav will donate his kidney for money and rushes to stop him. Naina calls Raghav to stop him but he does not pay heed to her words. Raghav enters a room and Naina rushes to meet him. Naina reaches a room and meets an unknown woman.

Precap: Raghav says that he was rejected by another company as they accused him of stealing the idea of the cleaning machine as they had been bribed by Veer and Balraj.

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