Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 6th January 2017 written episode update

Jan 05, 2017

Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 6th January 2017 written episode written update starring Drashti Dhami, Arjun Bijlani and Laksh Lalwani

Raghav and Naina help Chanchal to get up and her water breaks. Naina, Raghav and Chanchal are in the car and suddenly Raghav’s car breaks down. Chanchal starts scolding Raghav for having a cheap car. Raghav tells Naina that they will call the ambulance but Naina and Raghav realize that they both don’t have phones. Raghav and Naina start arguing with each other and Chanchal asks them to shut up. Chanchal asks Raghav and Naina to do something as she is in pain. Raghav and Naina start looking for supplies in the car. Raghav finds a suitable place near the street and Raghav and Naina build a makeshift delivery room for Chanchal. Raghav and Naina start to help Chanchal to deliver the baby. Finally the baby is born and Raghav and Naina look at each other happily. Naina gives Chanchal the baby and says that she has got a baby boy. Raghav and Naina hug each other in happiness. Raghav and Naina separate from the hug and look at each other awkwardly. Rajeev meets his friend and gives the money to him for safe keeping. The police comes there along with Balraj and they arrest Rajeev. Rajeev is shut in jail and he screams that he is innocent. Mehra family along with Asha are at the police station and Dadi says that she wants to talk to Rajeev. Dadi asks Rajeev to tell the truth and Rajeev says that he has not stolen the money and instead Balraj is the robber. Balraj tells Rajeev that he had made marks on the notes and Rajeev’s crime will get proven. Dadi is speechless hearing this and Mehra’s asks Dadi to accept that Rajeev is the thief. Dadi says that she will only believe the police and will trust their investigations. Dadi tells Rajeev that she will not save him if he is the real thief. Naina is at home with Chanchal and Asha calls her up to tell her about Rajeev getting arrested for theft. Naina gets tensed and tells Asha that she will be there. Naina tells Raghav about Mehra’s accusing Rajeev of theft. Raghav says that he will go to police station and Naina doubts that Raghav will support his family and will go against Rajeev. Raghav asks Naina to trust him. Dadi tries to console Asha but Asha says that she is sad for Rajeev as he has just become a father. Naina and Raghav reach the police station and Asha breaks down while telling about everything. Raghav comes there and Balraj takes him aside. Naina looks at Raghav being tensed and sad. Balraj tells Raghav that he will have to give statement only as per his instructions and Naina hears this.

Precap: Naina tells Raghav that her family’s fate is in hands and asks him to choose between what is truth and what is lies.

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