Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 7th February 2017 written episode update

Feb 06, 2017

Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 7th February 2017 written episode written update starring Drashti Dhami, Arjun Bijlani and Laksh Lalwani

Naina meets a woman who tells on the phone that she is ready to give as much money as possible. Naina is angry on the woman and blames her of using poor people for their own advantage. Naina asks the lady to stop her husband from donating her kidney. Naina says that her husband is very talented but he is waiting for the big opportunity. Naina keeps rattling on and the woman stops her saying that she is just a patient here and has come to get something which is very difficult to get. Raghav calls Naina and she asks him where he is. Raghav says that he was in a meeting. Naina apologizes to the lady for misunderstanding her. Naina meets Raghav and hugs him as she was very worried for him. Naina asks Raghav why he circled ad for kidney donation. Raghav starts laughing and says that he had circled the ad behind it. Raghav says that he would never donate his kidney for money. Raghav asks Naina why she is worried for him and Naina lies that she was thinking about herself. Raghav decides to treat Naina to an ice cream and takes her to an ice-cream parlor. Naina chooses her ice–cream and asks Raghav to pick something but he refuses. Naina understand Raghav’s money problem and she too refuses to eat the ice cream. Raghav feels guilty as he cannot afford an ice cream. The shop owner gave them an ice cream for free. Veer plans to get exotic dancers for his client. Sudha scolds him for throwing away his money. Pam and Balraj taunt Veer for not earning a single penny. Veer says that he has equal share in the wealth and he can spend it in any way. Sanjana too asks Veer not to spend so much money and Veer asks Sanjana to get lost. Naina chases Raghav for the ice cream and when Raghav feeds Naina the ice cream, Sanjana sees them. Raghav and Naina hear loud music coming from the Mehra house and get worried for Dadi’s health. Raghav goes to Dadi’s room to check on her. Raghav feels bad seeing Dadi being in coma. Raghav tells Dadi that he will become rich and successful soon and will take her away from here.  Sanjana asks Naina how she is so happy despite of her poverty. Naina taunts Sanjana that she has everything but she is still unhappy. Raghav comes there and Naina purposely calls Raghav darling in front of Sanjana. Naina and Raghav enter their room and are upset seeing the darkness because of no electricity. Raghav asks Naina why she called him darling. Naina says she said it just like that. Raghav says that he has an important meeting with Mr. Khurrana the next day and he nervous for it. Raghav meet Khurrana and thanks him for seeing his presentation. Khurrana taunts Raghav saying that he looks hungry and weak. Khurrana warns Raghav that he is very dangerous.

Precap: Khurrana asks Raghav why he is selling him an idea which is not even his.

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