Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 8th February 2017 written episode update

Feb 07, 2017

Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 8th February 2017 written episode written update starring Drashti Dhami, Arjun Bijlani and Laksh Lalwani

Khurrana taunts Raghav and asks him why he got an idea which is not even his. Khurrana says that he has bought this patent for 20000euros from Balraj. Raghav is shocked hearing this and says that he has not stolen the patent and it is his own idea. Raghav tries convincing Khurrana but Khurrana only taunts Raghav and insults him. Khurrana throws Raghav out of his office cruelly. Naina worries for Raghav as he is late. Raghav comes home and he is extremely furious. Raghav says that he will divorce Naina saying that he has no money and he cannot afford to keep her anymore. Raghav says that he is a loser and he feels like a failure because of her. Raghav says that Balraj sold his patent to Khurrana and he was thrown out of Khurrana’s office. Raghav makes Naina forcefully sign the divorce appears and then asks her to leave from the house. Raghav throws Naina from the house and Naina is heartbroken knowing that Raghav is frustrated only because of Mehra’s. Naina thinks she will not be annoyed with Raghav and instead she takes a promise that she will make sure Raghav gets back what is his. Naina sees Veer and tells him that he purposely stole Raghav’s idea and sold it to Khurrana. Veer agrees that he has done this and says that Raghav was their employee earlier and they have a right on his ideas. Naina warns Veer that she will get back at him. Naina is on the road and she almost gets banged by a car. The person in the car is Ahana and she tells her that she wants to go to a company and tell them about her husband’s patent. Ahana offers to drop Naina and Naina joins her. Ahana asks Naina why she is so stressed. Naina say that she loves her husband and he is a very capable person but he is unable to get a break. Naina cries as she cannot help her husband. Naina says that she is helpless and will do anything for a husband. Ahana tells Naina that there is a lady who wants a surrogate mother and is willing to pay 80000 euros for it. Ahana asks Naina whether she is ready to be a surrogate mother to get money for her husband. Naina gets angry and asks Ahana to stop the car as she is not ready to sell her womb for money. Naina meets Khurrana and shows him a video on Veer confessing that he robbed Raghav’s idea. Khurrana says that he cannot do anything about this confession as he has bought the idea and has paid the money for it. Khurrana asks Naina to get out of his office. Khurrana says that he is a businessman and only thinks about his profit. Naina taunts Khurrana saying that he is not able to appreciate good talent.  Khurrana tells Naina that if she really wants the patent back then she should get 20000 euros and get the patent back. Naina wonders how she will get so much money. Veer sees Raghav and taunts him about the incident with Khurrana. Veer throws food at Raghav and offers him a servant’s job. Raghav beats up Veer.

Precap: Raghav tells Naina that he wants to return where he came from as he cannot get any success here. Naina assures Raghav that they will succeed. Naina meets Ahana and realizes that she is the one who wants the surrogate mother. Naina agrees for surrogacy.

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