Parth Samthaan & Mukti Mohan to lead in upcoming Star Plus series

Jan 11, 2017

Star Plus upcoming finite series to feature Parth Samthaan and Mukti Mohan, Gautami Kapoor in lead roles

Major news is coming in for the zillions of fans and followers of Indian Television's youth icon Parth Samthaan as he is coming back to small screen for a finite series and will be teaming up with Mukti Mohan. Parth Samthaan has been much in news over the last few months, over his personal life. However, Star Plus Channel is planning a finite series with Parth and Mukti in the coming days. Star Plus is known as the leading channel for bringing in quality and unique content, and under the same concept, a unique concept will be brought around keeping Parth and Mukti in focus. Apart from Parth Samthaan and Mukti Mohan, the said series will feature Gautami Kapoor, Akshay Anand and actress Nalini Negi. Gautami Kapoor is roped in to play Mukti Mohan's mother while Akshay Anand will play Mukti's mother. Mukti's character will be seen as mute from childhood. The said show will focus on mainly the relation amid Mukti and Gautami (Mother and Daughter) where Mukti will want to become a dancer as per her mother's wish and will strive hard to do so. Actress Nalini Negi will be seen in the negative role. The pilot episodes of the said show are yet to be shot and are expected to be shot soon. Though the actors have not yet confirmed about the show, we will keep out reader informed about the same. Stay tuned in for more updates.

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