Piya Albela latest news: Pooja turns angry young woman suddenly for Naren’s sake

Dec 19, 2017

Piya Albela latest news: Pooja’s (Sheen Das) sudden change in behavior creates doubts for Naren (Akshay Mhatre)

The upcoming twist of Zee TV’s show Piyaa Albela will show that Pooja will suddenly show a shocking change in behavior and will turn into an angry young woman from a bubbly child. In the current track of the show, viewers are seeing that Pooja has become an 8 year old child and Naren has brought her to a small town called Daulatpur for her treatment. Naren is taking care of Pooja like a father and fulfilling all her wishes. Pooja wants to play in the river and therefore Pooja and Naren have fun times together playing in the water. Moreover, Naren and Pooja become drenched and Naren takes Pooja to a clothes store to buy new clothes. Naren spots a beautiful lehenga and wants Pooja to wear the lehenga but Pooja refuses. Pooja tells Naren that she will wear clothes similar to him although Naren tries hard to coax Pooja that her boyish clothes will not be appropriate in the small town like Daulatpur. However, Pooja refuses and therefore Naren puts on the lehenga himself to encourage Pooja too to dress up like him. Viewers will now get to see that Naren will get badly beaten up by some goons. Pooja will get furious seeing Naren’s condition and she will suddenly change her behavior as she sets out to fight against the goons. Pooja will no longer be a small child and will behave like a mature woman as she fights for Naren. Is Pooja’s drama of being a child exposed? Stay tuned for latest news, future story updates and spoilers on Piyaa Albela.

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