Piya Albela latest news:  Pooja’s memory loss shocks Naren, new enemy enters

Nov 26, 2017

Piya Albela latest news: Naren (Akshay Mhatre) shattered by Pooja’s (Sheen Das) memory loss

Zee TV’s much loved show Piyaa Albela is gearing up for some intense twists and turns in the storyline of the show. In the recent episodes of the show it is seen that a major twist takes place as Pooja wholeheartedly prays for Surpiya’s recovery and her prayers come true as Supriya regains her memory. However, Pooja has to pay a big price for her prayers to come true as she herself gets a very bad injury on the head. Pooja is rushed to the hospital where she gets immediate treatment and very soon, she gets sent back home. Naren and his family members give a warm welcome to Pooja with flowers and everyone hopes for Pooja’s quick recovery. Moreover, Supriya is keen to see Naren and Pooja’s wedding and starts preparations for it. However, the family will soon get a big shock  when they will realise that Pooja’s head injury has led to serious consequences. Pooja will suffer from memory loss and will not remember Naren or any of his family members. Pooja will not be in the condition to get married to Naren and the wedding will get stalled once again.  Pooja will be seen suffering from the memory loss condition just like Supriya. Naren will be in a big shock and will put his heart and soul in his attempt to make Pooja regain her memory. Moreover, Pooja has a secret enemy who wants to return in Pooja’s life and create some major havoc. Will Pooja regain her memory? Will Pooja’s enemy create new trouble for Pooja and Naren? Stay tuned for latest news, future story updates and spoilers on Piya Albela.

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