Piya Albela latest news: Supriya begs for food, Naren trashes Rahul for insulting Supriya

Aug 02, 2017

Piya Albela latest news: Naren (Akshay Mhatre) trashes Rahul, Pooja (Sheen Das) determined to get back lost wealth

The upcoming twist of Zee TV’s show Piya Albela will showcase a highly emotional drama where Naren will pay back for the disrespect being shown to his mother. Naren and Pooja’s family has now become very poor after Neelima has snatched everything away from them. In the upcoming episodes of the show, viewers will get to see that Naren’s family will not have enough money for food and will go through very tough times. Naren will go out trying to earn some money but Supriya will decide to ask Neelima for some help in their dire circumstances. Supriya and Pooja will land up at the Vyas mansion and Supriya will ask Neelima to give her some grains so that they can get some food. Neelima will make Supriya beg in front of her and Supriya will fall to her feet for food. Neelima will insult Supriya and she      will throw food in her saree Pallu and Supriya will collect all the food in her jholi. When Supriya will try to leave from there with the food grains, Rahul will play a mean trick as he throws a ball at Supriya and Supriya will end up spilling all the food grains on the floor. At this point Naren will enter the house and will be furious seeing Rahul’s evil deeds towards Supriya. Naren will start to beat up Rahul and a huge fight will break out between them. Pooja will be hurt seeing the condition of her family and will vow to change the situation and get back what her family has lost. Stay tuned for latest news and future story updates on Piya Albela.

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