Piya Albela latest news: Supriya to break apart Naren-Pooja after knowing Pooja’s dosh

Aug 28, 2017

Piya Albela latest news: Naren (Akshay Mhatre) wants to shower Pooja (Sheen Das) with Happiness but Supriya plans to end their relationship

The upcoming twist of Zee TV’s show Piya Albela will show that Pooja will land in a big trouble as Naren’s mother Supriya will find out about the fault in her birth chart. So far, only Satish and Pooja are aware about the Dosh in Kundli because of which Pooja cannot unite with Naren. Satish wants Pooja to stay away form Naren for the sake of his safety but Pooja realizes that she cannot live without Naren. Pooja seeks help from Guruji to solve her problem and Guruji advices Pooja to fight against her dosh for the sake of her love. Guruji tells Pooja to takes Naren’s  problems on her own shoulders and fight against the situation. Guruji asks Pooja to meet him later as he will give her the solution of her problems. On the other hand, Naren wants to fill Pooja’s life with happiness and wants to unite with her. Naren decides to take Pooja for a vacation to Europe. However, Satish has decided to keep Pooja way form Naren and therefore he arranges for Pooja’s visa to America. Naren comes to know about Pooja’s America Visa and gets surprised and Pooja lies to him that she wanted to go there for her dance. Naren assures Pooja that he will take her to America but Pooja is tensed as she knows that Naren will be angry if he knows the truth. Supriya overhears about Pooja’s America Visa and gets shocked when she comes to know that Satish wants to send her there for a job. Supriya will now follow Pooja when she goes to meet Guruji and she will realize that Pooja is hiding a big problem from her. Supriya will come to know about Pooja’s dosh and will never allow Naren and Pooja to unite. Stay tuned for latest news and future story updates on Piya Albela.

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