Piyaa Albela latest news: Naren gifts hundreds of flowers to hear Pooja’s love confession

Jul 23, 2017

Piyaa Albela latest news: Naren’s (Akshay Mhatre) unique gesture in order to hear Pooja (Sheen Das) confessing her love to Naren repeatedly

Zee TV’s show Piyaa Albela will soon show the much awaited moment as Pooja will confess her love to Naren. Pooja has been in love with Naren since a long time but has never got a chance to confess her feelings to him. However, the moment of love confession will arrive soon as Pooja will be touched by Naren’s sweet gesture and confess her feelings to him. Naren will bring a flower for Pooja and at this moment, Pooja will confess to Naren that she love shim. Naren will be surprised and overjoyed to hear this and will do something very unexpected. Pooja will be at Satish’s house and all of a sudden they will see hundreds of flower pots in their house. Pooja and the rest of the family will be surprised to see so many flower pots in the house. At this point Naren will enter and reveal that he has sent the flower pots for Pooja. Pooja will be surrounded and will also be shy. Naren will reveal that Pooja told him I love you when he gave him one flower and now he wants to hear her say I  Love You several times and therefore he has got so many flowers for her. Pooja will be stunned by Naren’s special gesture and she will confess her feelings to Naren once again. However, it will be interesting to see how Naren confesses his love to Pooja and how Pooja reacts on Naren’s love confession. Stay tuned for latest news and future story updates on Piyaa Albela.

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