Piyaa Albela: Naren trashes Mayank for hurting Pooja and being obsessive about her

Jul 07, 2017

Piyaa Albela latest news: Mayank creates big drama for Pooja (Sheen Das) and Naren (Akshay Mhatre) shower fury on him

The upcoming twist of Zee TV’s show Piya Albela will show that Mayank will create a huge drama as he will finally confess his love to Pooja in front of everyone. Mayank had earlier been misguided by Guruji who told him that Pooja loves him and will marry him. Mayank always thought that Pooja will be only his but he gets shattered when he hears about Pooja’s decision to marry Dr. Anand. Mayank gets drunk and creates a big drama amid Anand’ party. Mayank enters the party and starts blaming Anand for taking away Pooja from her. Pooja gets a big shock when Mayank finally confesses his love to Pooja. Pooja had always thought Mayank as her friend and she was not aware about his deep love for her. Moreover, Mayank will turn into an obsessive lover and he will tell Pooja that she can marry him and no none else. Mayank will warn Pooja that if they don’t get married then no marriage will take place. Mayank will twist Pooja’s hand and will hurt her and just then Naren will reach there. Naren will be shocked to see Mayank inflicting pain on Pooja and he will be stunned to see this side of Mayank. Naren and Mayank have a close bond with one another but Naren will forget his ties with Mayank and will trash him for harming Pooja. Will Mayank realize his mistake and apologize to Pooja for his behavior? Will Mayank try to sabotage Pooja’s marriage? Stay tuned or latest new and future story updates on Piya Albela.

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