Porus 13 February 2018: Bamni determined to find Anusuya

Feb 13, 2018

Porus: Puru joins hands with Barsine, Laachi furious

Sony TV's popular show Porus is about to witness a major twist in the show ahead amid Bamni, Puru and Anusuya. Puru joins hands with Barsine. Laachi comes to Paurava Rashtra and keeps watch on Porus. She finds Puru with Barsine and she gets angry that he has joined hands with a Farsi. Puru tells Barsine that he can join hands with anyone to accomplish his task. Laachi is furious seeing this and she says that he will have to pay for it. On the other hand, Bamni is baffled that Puru risked his life for that strange women and did not follow the rules of Paurva Rashtra. Bamni asks Kanishk about Anusuya and asks him about Shivdutt. He says that he has went out for some days.

Bamni orders to get Anusuya

Bamni asks Kanishk to send the message to Shivdutt to bring back Anusuya anyhow he wants to meet that women. Bamni is rigid to meet that women and he asks Kanishk to find her anayhow. What twist will the story bring when Puru, Anusuya and Bamni have a face off? Stay tuned for more updates. 

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