Porus 5 February 2018: Hasti reveals that Puru is son of King Bamni

Feb 05, 2018

Porus: Darius learns that Puru is King Bamni's son

The upcoming episode of Sony TV's popular show Porus is up for some major drama in the upcoming track of show. Shivdutt warns Puru against Anusuya and Sumer. Shivdutt asks him to choose any one of them and he attacks Sumer. Puru has no choice and is baffled over his decision. Shivdutt harms Sumer. On the other hand, Hasti gets caught by mens of Darius. He asks his men to kill him as he is also a partner of Puru and his from the same family. Besides, Hasti reveals that he has noting to do with Puru and he is not even Dasayu. Hasti reveals that he is son of King Bamni. 

Shivdutt warns to kill Sumer

Darius is shocked to know this. Besides, Shivdutt starts his countdown to 10 and warns Puru that he will kill Sumer. Now what will Puru do and what will be Darius planning against Puru and King Bamni? Lets wait and watch. Stay tuned for more gossips and updates.

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