Porus Latest News: Bamni gets impressed forgives Porus

Feb 02, 2018

Porus: Shivdutt plans conspiracy against Anusuya

The serial Porus is showing us how Darius is trying to invade Paurav rashtra, first through his business and next by trying to protect his men from Dasyu. We know it just an excuse to bring him army in so that he can slowly occupy the place. We know Kanishk cannot handle the Persians but Porus can. It would be just amazing to see Porus fighting and showing the Persians the door out of India. On the other hand, Darius faces a huge defeat while King Bamni is very much impressed by Puru. Bamni thus forgives Puru when Puru introduces himself as Puru of Dasayu Kingdom. The story will bring another twist when Shivdutt will again plan conspiracy against Anusuya.

Puru to save Anusuya from Shivdutt

Sumer also gets released while, Shivdutt in return asks Puru to bring Anusuya. Lets wait and watch how Puru will save Anusuya from Shivdutt's trap. Seems that the coming episodes will be interesting as the story unfolds towards the real plot of the serial.

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