Porus Latest News: New Entry of Bamni's second wife Queen Kadika in Porus

Dec 11, 2017

Porus Latest News: Queen Kadika is Bamni’s Second Wife

The upcoming episode of Sony Tv's latest venture Porus is up for some high voltage drama. Till now we saw, Ripu Daman fights to save Porus from the attack of Shivdutt and Samar Singh. Samar Singh reaches inside the shelter and he questions Ripu Daman's wife about this second child and attempts to kill the child but she anyhow rescues. Samar Singh reaches there to kill Ripu Daman and Purshottom while the Dasyu King and Queen save them. Queen Kadika enters Bamni's the kingdom and she seeks help from Shivdutt to take revenge from the Dasyu Kingdom as they ruined her family. Shivdutt takes oath that he will take revenge from Dasyu Kingdom and he shelters her in the Paurava Kingdom. Bamni has two wives – the first is Queen Anusuya and the second is Queen Kadika. Together they also have a son named Prince Kanishk. So, Prince Kanishk becomes the younger brother of Porus. Find out on Porus tonight on Sony TV. Till then keep reading this space for more gossips and upcoming twists.

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