Porus Latest News: Porus enters Paurava Kingdom has an encounter with Bamni

Dec 19, 2017

Porus: Porus (Laksh Lalwani) vs Kanishk after his entry in Paurava Kingdom

The upcoming episode of Sony TV's popular drama Porus is up for some interesting twist in tale. Till now we saw that Porus has learned his past truth of his mother while has no idea about his parents. Puru makes his entry in Paurava Kingdom. He enters the Kingdom without being unaware of his real identity. Besides, Bamni is also not aware about his son. Besides, Shivdutt plans conspiracy to take revenge from the Dasyus and he instigates Kanishk. On the other hand, Kanishk and Porus get into a huge fight and this fight is worth the watch. Porus finally defeats Kanishk. Bamni feels some connection with Porus and he turns a soft corner for him. Porus also thanks Bamni for saving Paurva slaves and for offering him to stay in Paura Kingdom. Porus accepts the offer and feels some connection there but is still unaware of his relationship with the Kingdom. Further, Bamni and Porus will now explore their bond and will get closer in the episodes ahead. Find out on Porus only on Sony TV. Stay tuned for more gossips and upcoming twists.

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